Thursday 27 November 2014

Tonto Dike Kisses boyfriend in new Instagram snap..

So Tonto Dikeh has been showing off her designer gifts from her mystery Boo "MR X" and she just shared a tease shot of them kissing(insert chuckle) because she says her friend once snatched her man and had a child for him.. Yikes!

"‘I have had a friend (Cheap skate) Sleep with n even baby mama’Ed my man’s child*#Atm so pls excuse me while I protect my Happiness n still be myself #Nochildzones #happierthanlowkeys #KeyNLock’"

My too much CI watching mind tells me that may be..... oya fill in the gap! but a good crime investigator can figure out that face.. you know the way they can say male, in his late 20's fair.or light skinned, thick lips,medium sized nose chai! I cant figure it out jare..

Enjoy ur man Jare Tonto,no hubby snatchers will come your way so far you are not a snatcher or a snatchee errrr if there are actually any words like that..

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