Monday 31 December 2012

Is Gina Rio Britain's most spoiled girl??

Spolit: Gina poses with her various shopping bags at the Savoy hotel where she is staying while her house is refurbished

Gina, seen here posing with some of her many pairs of designer shoes at the Savoy, admits she sees her parents generosity as proof of their love for her

Living the high life: Gina, 23, has been lavished with money and luxury gifts since the day she was born

Competition: 'When I found out that my dad bought his mistress a Hermes handbag, I wanted to have one that was bigger and better'

gina rio BIg Brother housemate


Growing up Gina had an allowance of £20,000 a month and was bought thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes, she now owns over 300 pairs of designer shoes

'I have no concept of money': Gina poses with her different bags at the Savoy hotel

Gina Rio poses outside the Savoy Hotel in London

Gina Rio applies her make up at the Savoy hotel in London,

Gina Rio receives £10,000 a month in allowance(used to be £20,000)

Lives @ the Savoy Hotel while her 5 bed house is being refurbished(house has swimming pool jacuzzi, home cinema and several other luxury gadgets)

Spends £1000 on taxis,£600 on her hair every month and has never used public transport(Like seriously gina you have never used the tube,stood in the bus??lol)plus she only drinks crystals spending almost £25,000 on some night outs chai!! 

Daily Mail reports Gina  has over 300 pairs of designer shoes 70 designer bags with an Hermes one costing £20,000(shuooo thats someone's annual salary i mean maybe even before tax ohh)

Babe also owns a Mercedes SLK Convertible in the ranges of £30,000..Funny bit is she was only impressed with her boyfriend when learnt his father produces a sauce sold @harrods and she discovered his family has loads of money(babe says she can never date anyone poor..hmm..)

Well with all the money methinks shes still tacky..This money obviously aint buying u class gina! I mean the weave is so tacky and the shoes are even Dune!! and just 2 loubies or 3 i can see..with all that money??

If Tamara Ecclestone is ur mentor uv got a long way to go.. i mean her own dad is "Formula 1 boss" innit??

You can read the rest of the article Here if you fancy knowing more about this chic

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Confirmed Kim and Kanye Expecting first Child together!!!!!!

I did a post some days back about a "kimye" baby but it wasnt confirmed until some hours ago by kim's publicist,the whole kardashian clan on their several twitter handles and kanye even 
announced at some concert he was performing or so i read..
Exciting! Kim's large family were quick to offer their congratulations to the happy couple

Well Kimye Jnr is on the way.. Irony is that Khloe has been trying for years..Hope u get urs soon khloe..

Sunday 30 December 2012

Banky W Yes/no Video(Brand New!!!)

Enjoy!! xx

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Gives Birth to baby Girl in the US

Mercy Johnson-Okojie has reportedly Given Birth to a lovely baby Girl in the US where she has been for a little while awaiting  her baby's arrival. Mother and child are said to be doing well..


Big Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Okojie..

Mercy Johnson is  Nollywood Actress who has starred in over a 100 movies and was the most googled Nollywood Actress for 2012.

Kylie Minogue...

 Kylie Minogue

Isn't it awesome to think Kylie Minogue has been in the business for over 25 years!!

The Australian national has been back home working as the creative ambassador for the Sydney new year's event event..She seems to be excited about that and must i say she is looking quite young for her age..Good on ya Kylie!

It's good to be home: Kylie shared this picture of an edible Sydney Harbour Bridge with her Twitter followers

Saturday 29 December 2012

D'banJ Apologizes For Koko Concert Mess.

So we did a post about koko concert yesterday,and how fans were really saddened about the treatment meted out to them..So Dbanj took to twitter to try and make peace with his fans by apologizing..

Well fans make una no vex ohhh....

Tonto Dike Nollywood's Most Controversial Actress of 2012

Love Triangle..

the sweaty armpit

Well you cant say "Our" Tonto hasn't been controversial since she stepped on the scene after her next movie star days..I can very well remember watching the final just like yesterday..If only we knew what was coming lol..

Tonto has always been controversial but 2012 totally took the mickey!
From some strange bizarre tattoo  last year you would have thought we saw it all but Tonto showed that she can never be less controversial with several twitter rows,appearing with sweat soaked armpits on the red carpet,Love triangle with Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya,to the ultimate "Delving into music" fantasy of hers coming to life in the year

Towards the last quarter of the year when singles Hi &Its ova dropped Tonto was on every Display picture(DP) BBM broadcast, Facebook update,Twitter was  buzzing!!

Loads of jokes sprang up loads of backlash as well

She then went on to collaborate with artistes like Kas(whom she was supposed to be on his label but allegedly bailed on her)Apkako master Terry G and some guy Synpa

Tonto's singles became one of the most downloaded in 2012 even tho it was largely auto tuned i mean..( You cant sing girl)

Well whether we liked it or not Tonto was in the news  almost everywhere we looked..

Hope 2013 brings positives for u girl and not all the negative controversy..#Watching..

If you haven't listened to the singles you can listen Here and Here and the latest one ft Terry G Here