Saturday 30 March 2013

Even Blue Ivy's got her own monogrammed seat on the Mrs Carter tour..

This seat is taken: Beyonce posted an adorable Instagram of her daughter Blue Ivy's monogrammed chair for Mrs. Carter Show World Tour on Friday

Awwwwww..Lil BlueIvy Carter!

In other news Mediatakeout thinks this is what Blueivy will look lik@ 16 see below..


Jessie J shares bikini snaps +new hair colour just weeks after shaving it all off for comic relief..

Jessie J new hair do after shaving for comic relief

Jessie J blonde beauty
Looking good: Jessie J shared a picture of herself in her bikini during her birthday break

Singer Jessie J recently shaved her hair all of for comic relief about 2 weeks back to raise money for charity.. how  noble! She share a couple of snaps on her social networking pages instagram and twitter of her new hair colour..

You look stunning Jessie even without the hair..

Credits (C) Jessie J instagram&Twitter)

Gbenga Adeyinka Caught on camera!! Kissing unknown Lady!

Gbenga Adeyinka caught Kissing fan

Just found this  picture of popular Nigerian comedian Gbenga Adeyinka the Ist sharing a kiss in public with an unknown lady.

 A fan perhaps, dont know how true this is, and if thats not his wife...well the picture says it all..

Oga@the top Movie..

You Gotta be Kidding!

Friday 29 March 2013

Toke Makinwa- Married woman syndrome..

Ryhthm Fm's Toke is Again back with her Vlog series here she tackles the Married woman syndrome..Do you agree with her views??

Rapper Naeto C shares his fatherhood joy

Thanks 2 every1 for all the messages…words arent honestly enuff to express this moment…its ironic especially for some1 like myself who is used 2 putting words 2gether…mayb later…but right now i’m just Thanking God w/my Family and enjoying my son’s company! I wish u all similar moments at some point(s) in your lives!‘

Naeto and his wife Nicole recently welcomed a baby boy..Bless you young man!

Communications Giant Globacom brings Xfactor to Nigeria

Have you heard??!! Xfactor one of the biggest singing shows  is set to debut in Nigeria,Africa for the first time ever and Glo is to thank for this.

The Show was unveiled in an Industry Nite held Recently.The Xfactor originally launched in the UK has spread tentacles to lots of countries around the globe like Australia,USA,Indonesia and now Nigeria!

The winner of the Nigerian Xfactor is set twill cart home $150,000 (N24million), the biggest purse among current reality TV shows. He/she will also win a recording contract with the internationally acclaimed Sony Music for the recording of an album and professional management of the winning individual or group.
The Xfactor  has enjoyed successes all over the globe producing notable stars like Leona Lewis,JLS,Monster hit band One Direction,Little Mix and even Tiwa Savage was at one point on the UK version of the show. So have you got Talent?? Pick up your audition shoes and go on and shine..

Brand New Video Waje"I wish"

Loving the song and the video and I  heard the song is about her Ex dont we all wish we dint have a heart sometimes?? we can all relate yea??

My Nigerian Idol 2013 Viewing Experience..

The other day I was wondering where to watch Nigerian Idol since HITV seemed to mess things up and packed up or went away or something.

First they were repeating all the programmes like seriously there was a particular Nigerian(Yoruba film) they showed like 200 times! no exaggeration here.. and then they went off like just like that.. seriously HITV ?? just like that.??

Anyways not to digress, I saw some episodes of Nigerian Idol season three online and I wanted to watch on the Telly(I mean I already spend too much time online) so I was so happy when I checked my sky programme guide and saw that Nigerian Idol was showing on "the African Channel 209" ( you people had better pay me my money for that advert lol)

Then I recorded it to watch later and and then I settled down with some Digestive and Vimto lol..( I love Vimto) 

I realised i had missed alot as they were already into the top 6 whew! was wondering how a recurring applicant like GODwin Onoja was no longer in the competition my research indicated he dint even advance to the top 10 really??

Well back to the episode,Darey was the guest judge and contestants were to sing two songs one from Luther Van dross and from Nigerian Hilife as well.

For starters, they actually sang most of the unpopular Luther songs I mean there are other ones na..

Well i have summarised key Points from my viewing experience below(Disclaimer these are just my views on 2 or 3 episodes)

  • Yinka Davies can give Oshodi Agbero's a run for their money
Seriously Aunty Yinka can you stop shouting already!!! You are there to critic and judge these young un's,they want to hear advise on how to be better how to succeed not just "You did it!!!" or "Cmon on!!" tone it down ma'am..

More when you continue..

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Kim Kardashian are u ????

Kim Kardashain Tweets that Nigeria is digusting.

Just came across this dunno the authenticity  of this as I wasnt able to confirm on social Networking site Twitter or maybe the tweets have been deleted or its a scam or photoshop ish.. or sumfin but seriously??!!!! but If you said that kim!! I mean If you said that with your mouth I mean with Your mouth ohhh you said and carried your hand and tweeted it hmmm... Darey!!!?? You see wetin you cause ohhh..


Kim has tweeted to say the tweet was fake and she dint make such statements and the tweets were allegedly photo-shopped  well well well....See tweets  below..

Saturday 23 March 2013

Tuface and Annie Idibia White Wedding pictures..First look @ the Celebrity guests, Venue,Bride and groom+ their beautiful vows...

Its all happening in Dubai! But Twitter has been agog with different pictures so would keep updating as i get more off the social networking site..

Embedded image permalink

                                 Embedded image permalink

More When you continue...

Are You watching AY's crib??

One of Nigeria's comedy front runners AY(Real names Ayo makun) has launched a comedy based sitcom/series "AY's Crib" 
 Featuring loads of Nigerian celebrities and actors like Mercy Johnson,Alex Ekubo,Ush bebe and so many others.

 See the first episode below


Hope you enjoy!!

The Legend That is, Chinua Achebe passes on..

Chinua Achebe passes on

Chinua Achebe passes on

One of the greatest Novelists,poet, Author,Professor,critic could go on and on Professor Chinua Achebe has gone to a new place.

 I remember Things fall apart always made reference to as one of his most popular works and reputed to be one of the most read literature in Africa and out of Africa

I once watched the movie adaptation and it was quite intriguing and reeked intelligence which you had to have yourself to fully understand the depth of the writer himself.

Achebe was an upright man who stood for what was right despite all circumstances an instance of even refusing a national Award to show his distaste and disapproval of some of the policies of the Nigerian Government.

Chinua Achebe was an Icon in all respects in Africa and Across the world with most of his books gaining recognition and world Acclaim and even teaching in some of the best schools in the world we can only say we have lost an Icon whom we should however celebrate  because he made a positive Impact in Nigeria,Africa and the world at large.

Other Notable work by Chinua Achebe include "Anthills of the Savannah","No Longer at Ease" and "Arrow of GOD" 

The Legendary Poet passed away march 21 he was 82 years old. May His soul rest in peace.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Amber Rose steps out for the first time after having her baby.

Paying tribute to her Irish roots: Amber wore a sundress with a splash of green for St Patrick's Day

Break for freedom: Amber Rose wears a tie-dye dress as she shops at Babies R Us in Los Angeles on Sunday

Helping hand: Amber's mother Shauna Soares has been helping out her famous daughter

New Mother Amber Rose was photographed out shopping with her mum recently.This is her first outing since becoming a mother must say she radiates lots of happiness.

Photo credits

Monday 18 March 2013

Actress Ngozi Nwosu Now recuperating In UK Hospital after surgery

Ngozi Nwosu was flown to The UK recently for treatments relating to kidney issues.. I have just come across these pictures of her recuperating from the first set of treatments/surgeries carried out and I must say Thank GOD because she looks so so much better,even her complexion has received some new life and glow..

All the best with the rest of the process ma'am hope you get back on your feet soonest.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2013 Nominee list unveiled!

The Nominees for this years Africa Movie Academy Awards were announced at a ceremony hosted by the president of Malawi and graced by Africa Movie greats,Practitioners and entertainment personalities.

List of Nominees below..

AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Short Film
1. Dead River : Namibia
2. Elegy For A Revolutionary : South Africa
3. Yellow Fever : Kenya
4. Kwaku Ananse : Ghana
5. Nhamo : Zimbabwe
6. Big Daddy : Nigeria
7. Release : South Africa
8. Burnt Forest : Kenya
AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Documentary
1. Fuelling Poverty : Nigeria
2. Gun To Tape : Kenya
3. Swimming The Zambezi : South Africa
4. Give Me Back My Home : Kenya
5. The African Cypher Fly On The Wall: South Africa
AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Feature
1. Against The Grain : United States
2. Between Friends: Trinidad / Tobago
3. Stones In The Sun : Haiti / United States
AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Diaspora Documentary
1. Fan Do Brasil : Brazil / Guatamela
2. My Thiero Boys : United States
3. Red, White, Black And Blue : United States
AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Animation
1. Tageni’s Dol : Namibia
2. Adventure Of Zambezia : South Africa
3. Mission Impossible : Nigeria
4. Oba : Nigeria
5. Lion Of Judah : South Africa
AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film By An Africans Abroad
1. Turning Point : United States / Nigeria
2. Assasins Practice : United Kingdom / Nigeria
3. Last Flight To Abuja: United Kingdom / Nigeria
4. Bianca : United States / Nigeria
5. Wolwich Boys : United Kingdom / Nigeria
AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Production Design
1. Virgin Magarida
2. Elelwani
3. The Twin Sword
4. The Contract
5. Blood And Henna
6. Okoro The Prince
AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement In Costume Design
1. Twin Sword
2. Elelwani
3. Virgin Magarida
4. Blood And Henna
5. The Meeting
6. Cobweb

More When you continue please read more..

Nicole and Naeto C prepare for baby's Arrival with celebratory baby shower

Nigerian rapper Naeto C and wife recently had a bay shower in The US in readiness for their bundle of joy on the way..  Very soon now Nicole..

"There are some people that are naturally bitter and Linda Ikeji has given them an opportunity to express their bitterness" - Basketmouth(Bright Okpocha)

In a recent Interview, Popular top comedian Basketmouth bared his thoughts on lots of issues,work,life, controversies, marriage and hate comments that often emanate from blog comments towards celebrities these days,with emphasis on top Blogger Linda Ikeji's blog..

Excerpts below...

"BrightBasketmouth” Okpocha is going to be the first Nigerian to host the prestigious comedy gig and TV show Comedy Central Presents… Live at Parker’s in South Africa this year. He has an impressive profile, both home and internationally, and has risen to become one of Nigeria’s biggest names in the comedy industry.
He started off his career in entertainment as a rapper while studying at the University of Benin, and stumbled upon comedy by accident when he and his rap group went to perform at a school. “I thought it was a normal thing for people to be funny because most of my friends around me then were funny,” he said. Although his first attempt wasn’t categorized as standup comedy; it was called “wording” in other words “yabbing”, it opened the doors to his comedy career. His big break came in 2001 when he met the renowed comedian, Ali Baba, who invited him down to Lagos.
Basketmouth is one of Nigeria’s most sought after event hosts. He has successfully staged several comedy shows including ‘Basketmouth Uncensored’, ‘Lord Of The Ribs’ and ‘African Kings of Comedy’.

Comedy Central
In a few weeks from now, you would be the first Nigerian comedian hosting Comedy Central Presents… in South Africa. How do you feel about it?

I’m excited, it’s like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to do something that big. I never knew it was going to come this soon and I’m happy about it.

You’d be entertaining a large number of people, on a wider platform than the Nigerian audience. How are you going to pass across your jokes to people from other cultures?

When I perform outside Nigeria, my material is universal which is the why I was called to do this gig. They saw me perform somewhere and liked what I did which was purely universal. I don’t have any problem communicating with people of mixed race. The jokes are not only based on culture but also on the power of communication. As long as you’re funny and people understand you, you’re good to go.

Some comedians have been criticized for repeating their jokes too often. Do you repeat jokes?

It’s impossible for any comedian not to repeat a joke. Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, they all repeat jokes. I’ve seen them do it. Because Comedy Central is a new platform, I will try as much as possible to stay fresh. I’d just like to tell anybody reading that there is no comedian that does not repeat jokes. It’s impossible, never done.

Trending Stories about Basketmouth
There is a video currently going viral on a joke you cracked about President Goodluck Jonathan but some people seem not to like it. What was the motive behind that joke?

The motive behind the joke is a joke. I was paid to make people laugh. If yabbing Goodluck was the only way they would laugh, I’ll yab Goodluck. I’ve been paid, I’ve said the joke, keep crying!

After the DANA Airways crash, you were one of the celebrities that went on their re-launch flight. This implies to many Nigerians that you endorse the airline even though a lot of people are still grieving their loved ones and this has directed some negative comments towards you.

DANA Airline endorsed me three years ago as their brand face. This was close to two years before the plane crash. If after all they went through, they got back their license and asked me as the brand face of DANA to be part of the re-launch flight and I said I cannot do it, what is loyalty? If I’m going to support anything, it has to be from the beginning to the end. With all due respect to the people who lost their family and friends, a plane crash is inevitable. When Air France crashed, they didn’t sieze their license, Nigerians didn’t stop flying Air France. After DANA crashed, a plane also crashed in Russia. But people just show bitterness. Anybody can be in his or her home and say whatever he or she feels like. I’m not prophesying death but accidents are inevitable and we just have to thank God for the life we have. My deepest heartfelt condolences goes to the families of the departed.

Probably these people making such comments have lost their loved ones on that flight and are angry with you for taking sides with DANA.

It’s a lie, trust me. I understand Nigerians, I understand people in general; I read Psychology. There are some people that are naturally bitter and Linda Ikeji has given them an opportunity to express their bitterness. And trust me, there is nothing I would do that you would not see three or four bad comments on. If you hear that a plane wanted to crash and Basketmouth got out of his seat, went to the cockpit, pulled the pilot out and landed the plane like Denzel Washington, people would say why him do am, na only him dey the plane?. But I love the fact that they talk. It makes me know that I’m doing something right.

More when you continue..

Nigerian Soccer veteran Sunday Oliseh gets FIFA Appointment

One of Nigeria's greatest sporting veterans,former footballer Sunday Oliseh has been honoured with an appointment by the world international football governing body FIFA(Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

He shared this pleasant news on both his Facebook page and website.

He had this to say...

"It is with Great Honour that i share with you my appointment by the world’s Football governing body F.I.F.A as a member of its Technical Study Group amongst other functions.

I am flattered to be a part of this football family and i believe that this is a blessed period not only for me personally but for my beloved Nation,Nigeria!"

Sunday Oliseh

Sunday Oliseh in his football playing days..

Congratulations Mr Sunday..

Saturday 16 March 2013

Vogue Magazine Covers: Michelle Obama & Tina Turner

Michelle Obama Vogue Magazine Cover
Michelle Obama

Tina Turner
Tina Turner

Eldee and wife welcome baby #2

Eldee welcomes new baby

Trybe records frontman,rapper,label owner Eldee real names Lanre Dabiri and wife Dolapo have received the delivery of a "new gift"

Their bundle of joy(A girl) is said to have arrived yesterday in Atlanta USA. The couple who got married November 2008 already have  4 year old girl..

Congratulations Eldee and fam.

Roses are red... Say wha??

Embedded image permalink

Sorry mate whatchu tryna say?? lol..

New Video Darey: Asiko ft Ice prince and Jozi..

Uti Nwachukwu poses with "New love"

Uti Nwachukwu and Partner

Big Brother Africa Winner,Model,Actor and Fashion Buff Uti has been in south Africa lately for some "Business" he has been posting snaps and all about his suite and his trip the latest of his snaps is the one with the lady above..

Is that your new love Sir?? or are you simply trying to prove a point that you are not ermmmmm...whats that word?? ehen hen am coming ohhh let me look for the word..please wait for me..