Sunday 18 September 2022

Making Food Lots More FUN!

Food,clothing,shelter..the three basics of human life..

The three most important basics..we can't say one is more important than the other,but can we really argue on how important food is?!

We eat food for nutrition,to nurture/replenish our bodies,
We eat food to enjoy the excellent taste,to fill our bellies and heal our bodies.
Sometimes, food even becomes medicine , becomes our business,career and way of life.

Food is so broad and diverse with lots of different cuisines to choose from worldwide..

Italian,Japanese,Indian,Chinese,Nigerian,BritishAmerican..lots and lots to explore..

Italians pride themselves on their pizza,spaghetti and some of the best tomato sauces the world has seen!
 The Japanese and their sushi dishes,Indians have the roti's,tikka masala's and their huge huge range of spices.

The Chinese and their rice dishes,sauces and immense contribution to worldwide cuisine..

Africans have also been exporting their food recipes,traditions and tastes across the world with the Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof being some of the most popular dishes out of Africa.

The British also share their fish and chips,Sunday roast food traditions with the world..ohh we can't forget the American's love of burgers,steaks and of course chicken and waffles..

The world continues to evolve and revolve and share traditions through The love of food..well asides the necessity of nutrition and nurturing+ replenishing our bodies

There is an immense amount of cuisines and food repertoire in the world to evoke the need to make trying new cuisines and food choices fun and not cumbersome in any way whatsoever!

So where to start from? With lots of resources both offline or online to choose,either recipes or ideas,you can be lost for choice or be overwhelmed.
 Whether to choose a cookbook,an online video tutorial or what not..

Especially when it comes to choices for children whose tastes and palates are extremely picky and demanding..

But how about make it fun with games?
 Culinary schools offer hundreds of 
 culinary-related online games
including some rather fun ones to help children get an idea of how hard culinary work is,to help them appreciate food and the process to derive delicious tasty meals.

The tools provided on offer can also do well to introduce kids to food-related businesses,food related enterprises that can be done to keep them busy on holidays, plus a variety of food-based remakes of various classics.

There are games based on farming,farms,coffee shops shops,vegetables,cheese,chocolates,pizza and lots more that can make food and feeding more fun and interesting for kids..

There are also some other interesting games and tools on there for people looking to make the transition to becoming vegan,vegetarian or plant based 

Tools like the ingredient conversion tool,health and fitness tool and workout calorie tools all aid in this food journey to help people familiarize themselves with cooking at home and healthy living.. also offer a range of tools to help chefs choose schools to attend,from cordon bleu to other top international culinary schools.

There are tools to help budding and experienced chefs looking to make moves..

Knowledge of kitchen hierarchy,roles,produce and lots more on all things food on offer for a full fun ride over @ culinary

Collaboration With Culinary Schools.*

Thursday 8 September 2022

Queen Of England,Queen Elizabeth II Passes On At 96

Queen Of England Dead At 96

The Royal Family have announced the end of an era as one of the world's oldest monarch's Passes on..


Photos: Ooni Of Ife,Oba Ogunwusi Takes New Wife,Mariam Anako

The Ile -Ife Monarch who split from wife Silekunola  a few months ago,has taken a new Olori Mariam Anako.

The Ooni isn't new to celebrated nuptials,as he's had a few publicised in recent years..

More when you continue..

Watch: Architectural Digest Takes You Inside Demi Lovato's Modern California Farmhouse!

Architectural digest is welcomed to Los Angeles by award-winning singer-songwriter and actor Demi LovatoDemi Lovato to tour her trippy modern farmhouse.

 With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across 8,500 square feet, the spacious Studio City property provided the blank canvas that Lovato had always dreamed about. 

Imbuing her new home with life alongside Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew was a process that paralleled her own personal journey. Every inch of the space embodies her personality and the sense of fluidity that continues to shape her identity.

Let's check it out..

Monday 5 September 2022