Thursday 29 December 2022

When yemi Alade Became A Fairy!

Well not exactly like that..😁 but does this outfit not give off fairy vibes? I mean..

The singer chose this look as she stepped out for an event recently..

Yemi Alade

#BBNaija's Diane Stuns In Purple!


Reality star turned TV producer,Diane Russett has been rocking a bit of purple lately..

Purple sure looks good on her..

Sunday 25 December 2022

Music Star,Ayra Starr For Fault Magazine Latest Issue..

Celestial being Ayra is Coverstar for fault magazine latest edition.. 

Ayra Starr Fault Magazine Cover

More shots when you continue..

Watch; Vogue #Beauty Secrets - Jennifer Lopez's Jennifer Lopez’s Guide to Glowing Skin & Face Contour!

Some Beauty Secrets from one of the best showbiz personalities!

Singer,dancer,actor,performer,all round entertainer! Jennifer Lopez walks Vogue through her beauty routine, from how she keeps her skin glowing to the secret behind her “lightbulb” contour technique.

 She also reveals her sleep "trick," and her secret to staying youthful, plus the lowdown on JLo Beauty!

Have a look..

#Groophy; Watch #BBNaija Stars,Groovy And Phyna On The Ndani TV TGIF Show!

 Another duo for some boozy fun..

Check on it!

Monday 19 December 2022

Photos: All Smiles For Davido & Chioma In Qatar!

These two have had a traumatic few weeks lately,with the loss of their son.

So it delighted fans to see them all smiles, as Davido prepared to take the stage for the 2022 world cup closing ceremony performance in Qatar.

Chioma and Davido are reportedly now man and wife!

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Watch; Toke Moments Episodes Feat. Denrele Edun & Dabota Lawson!

 Toke Makinwa recently had these two on her Vlog turned podcast/vodcast.

Two totally different personalities..

One is boisterous,over the top all in your face kinda vibe,and the other is all about her style,poise and on her lane kinda vibe..

We thought you might enjoy these sessions..

Denrele Edun

Dabota Lawson

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Tips - How To Look After Your Skirting Boards!

Tiny as they may seem when it comes to things you have in your home, skirting boards can’t just be left to their own devices forever. 

Skirting boards

Yes, they might be low maintenance, especially compared to some other aspects of the home interior, they however can’t be ignored completely.

The main function of a skirting board is to protect walls from damage. Walls are particularly vulnerable to knocks and scuffs around their base as people in the home go about their daily lives. Skirting boards however act as a barrier that block direct hits on the base of the walls.

So, how do you look after your skirting boards? What’s the best way to keep them good for as long as possible?

Whether your skirting boards are in need of a bit of TLC, or it’s been a while since you last gave them any love, here are a few ways to make them look their best!

Don’t Forget To Dust!

Skirting boards can easily be missed out when it comes to the dusting. Yet even with their small surface area,they can very quickly become the worst place for dust to settle.

Skirting boards can be a nightmare to clean, and one of those jobs you put off again and again - perhaps hoping either someone else will do it, or they’ll magically clean themselves!

Due to the location of skirting boards in homes, dust will easily find its way to them - much more than other items in the home.

Giving your skirting boards a good dust down,plus proper cleaning helps prolong its viability.

Cleaning is easily done by using an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. It means less bending over,kneeling about and can be a lot more effective than using a dust cloth only..

Say you don’t have a vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment, or your skirting boards have intricate detailing on them, you can always spray a little dust spray on to a dust cloth, or microfibre rag.

Simply wipe the skirting boards down, remembering to shake out your rag and reapply the spray every now and again.

If your cloth can’t get into those smaller areas, try using a cotton bud to get into those hard to reach areas.

Use Soapy Water

Once you’ve taken off the top layer of dust, you can now start to clean your skirting boards.

To do this you will need some warm, soapy water and a cloth. However, make sure your cloth isn’t too wet. You want a damp cloth, not a wet one.

Most skirting boards will be water resistant, not water-proof so be there is a need to be careful with how much water you use.
 It’s important to ring out your wet cloth as much as you can before applying it to the skirting to avoid damaging them, or making the wood warp.

Cleaning Solutions

Don’t use strong chemicals such as bleach on your skirting boards as you may end up damaging them. Plus, you’ll then be left with bleach wafting about your home - which no-one wants!

Instead, use a small amount of washing-up liquid, hand soap, or even some fabric conditioner instead. These are much less harsh and shouldn’t damage your skirting boards.

However, if it’s a one off, or you’re trying to get rid of a nasty stain, you can use bleach sparingly to clean your skirting. Just make sure it’s watered down before applying and you don’t leave the bleach on there for long at all.

On the other hand, if your skirting boards are well beyond saving,Skirting world has some great options to suit most styles and budgets.


Wednesday 7 December 2022

#BBNaija's JMK Gets Called To The Nigerian Bar

Jmk called to bar

Reality Star,Brand ambassador,fashionista,food entrepreneur and now add Barrister to that!

JMK just shared on being called to the Nigerian Bar as a bona fide Lawyer..

Allow me to reintroduce myself Z.J. Adedoyin Esq. Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. GOD DID!!! JMK the BARRISTER

She shared..

Congratulations to her!

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Actress And TV Star Kirstie Alley has Passsed On!

 TV Star,Actress and entertainment personality,Kirstie Alley has passed on.

This was communicated by family via her social media pages.

Kirstie Alley Dead @71

Statement below..

Kirstie Alley passes

"To all our friends, far and wide around the world…

We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered. 

She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead. As iconic as she was on screen, she was an even more amazing mother and grandmother. 

We are grateful to the incredible team of doctors and nurses at the Moffitt Cancer Center for their care. 

Our mother’s zest and passion for life, her children, grandchildren and her many animals, not to mention her eternal joy of creating, were unparalleled and leave us inspired to live life to the fullest just as she did. 

We thank you for your love and prayers and ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time. 

With love always,

True and Lillie Parker"


Video: Spend The Day With Your Fave #LoveIsBlind Stars Lauren And Cameron Hamilton.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Enjoy visuals on how the Hamiltons spend a typical day..

Have a look..

Keke Palmer's Baby Glow!

Keke Palmer has been on our screens for decades.

From movies,to comedy,fashion and lots more. A true showbiz personality! And on her recent outing with SNL(Saturday Night Live),that child star we all loved and cheered on through her career revealed she was becoming a mum..

Keke Palmer SNL Baby bump photos

 Keke radiated so much joy,and a glowing presence that could be felt like a blistering jolt of electricity..

Such joy!
Keke Palmer baby bump

Congratulations are in order!

Monday 5 December 2022

Watch; Architectural Digest Takes You Inside #GreysAnatomy Star,Ellen Pompeo’s Midcentury Malibu Beach House!

 Architectural Digest is welcomed to Malibu by Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo for a tour of her inviting mid-century beach house. 

Pompeo first went to scope out the property several years earlier, when the house was originally up for sale and Grey’s was still in its infancy. 
“I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I didn’t tell anyone that,” she confesses. 
When the house came back on the market in 2013, she seized the second chance. As her fans know, Pompeo is a bona fide interior-design enthusiast whose past renovations include a modern barn in Sag Harbor and her main residence, a 1920s Mediterranean-style villa in Los Angeles.

 The addition of her Malibu home has only added fuel to the fire. “I am entering a very exciting phase of my life, if I do say so myself.”

Check on it

Thursday 1 December 2022

Sizzle At the Beach! #WWE Superstars,Bianca Belair And Montez Ford In Blazing Snap!

Bianca Belair And Montez Ford Loved Up Photos

Waohh waohh...

These two bring the fire everywhere! In the ring,and even out of it!

Kevin Hart's Adorable family Photos..

 Everybody cute!

Steps To Take To Make More Money In The New Year!

Its December already.It simply means the new year is literaily right on top of us! 
So so close,and if there is anything we all want more of,apart from excellent health of course is more money!

Image: pressloft

Coming up with ideas that will help you  make more money is really important, and this is oneof the best ideas for starting the year off in the right way. 

Managing your money and being more
financially comfortable is something you can achieve via the right decisions, setting you up well for the nearest future.

It is important to try to look for some of the best and most effective ways of being able to
improve this process and come up with ideas that will help you to make more..

Its great to be financially independent,Hence here are a few steps you could take to make more money in the new Year.


Selling your unwanted possessions is one of the best things you can do to raise some extracash, as well as being able to clear out clutter.

This brings more space,vibrancy and freshness into your rooms and living areas.

 There are multiple options offline and online that can help sell and dispose off unwanted items to fetch some cool cash. 

Things like charity shops,vintage stores,a local marketplace or selling to friends could be a good start.

 Exploring onlinemarket places such as eBay and Amazon come a close second in places to sell and move your decluttered items.

Another tip is to Invest.

Investing is also a great way of being able to make more money, and bring in additional income

It is however important to try to make sure you choose the right kind of investments 

There are online guides and resources that measure and forecast viability,risks and more to help guide your investment choices.

For example,Apps like Metatrader 4 makes investing in stocks much simpler and easy to navigate. But as with all investments,tools can only be used as a guide as all investment choices rest with the individual.

Tip 3 is to get an extra stream of income, a Side Gig!

There are loads of different ways of being able to make extra income in these new times and this is something
that needs to be looked into as an avenue to be more and have more!

 Try to understand the best ways of being able to improve this process, and look at some of the excellent side gigs to aid the bigger picture.

There are work from home options,online jobs gigs like copywriting,customer service,surveys and lots more that can be done online, on the side for more added income.

When it comes to making the right changes for the future,make the most of what is available,taking advantage of tips and available resources to improve your finances in the coming year.

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Tems Is Coverstar For Dazed Latest Issue..


The mega music star is Dazed's latest coverstar!

Tems you dont need no other body

Tems baby


More shots when you continue..

Brand New Video: Asake - Organise!

 Brand new from Mr Ololade..

Check on it!

Sunday 27 November 2022

Ciara Goes Risque!

Ciara fashion and style looks

 Ciara woke up and chose to torch the internet with these snaps!

Ciara Beauty

More when you continue..

Watch: #Youtuber Patricia Bright's 6 Ways Influencers Make Money!

Patricia Bright is a beauty/style influencer who also shares insights on money and investing as a creative/influencer.

Want to know how influencers make all that dough?? Patricia is volunteering answers in this video..

Tuck in!

Watch; Jennie Jenkins' Latest Autumn/Winter Haul.

 Jennie is one of the OG youtubers known for hauls,especially her winter hauls,coats,boots and lots more..

Let's see what these hauls hold..

#BBNaija Girlies,Beauty & Amaka Step Out In White!

Beauty Tukura fashion and style looks latest

 Beauty  and Amaka recently set the streets on fire with their blazing white looks..