Friday 31 July 2015

Genevieve Nnaji's Latest beauty shots

The actress recently shared these photos from a makeover session.

Skin's flawless but am sure we all can agree that Genevieve looks way better than these photos portray and by the way its beginning to seem weird calling her an actress. its been waaaaay tooo long since we saw her in a movie.Yes I know she cant act anyhow anymore but at least 2 or 3 in a year?? Hen... 
Genny Kilonshele?!....

Brand new Video;Yemi Alade - "Duro Timi"

Brand new from the Mama Awards Winning singer..

Check on it!

So Kylie Jenner says she hasnt had any surgery,buff Bum and full breasts are due to some enhancement cream..

So kylie has always been hounded about  enhancing her body as many have assumed she's had surgery,she recently refuted the claims on her page

"I love sharing my beauty secrets with you guys and this is a favorite. -------- (Some product name which has been censored!)offers products with All Natural ingredients (which is important to me) to help maintain & accentuate your curves. ---------- butt enhancement cream & Breast plumping lotion stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use. #curvesonfleek.”

Right! why is an 18 year old so bothered about body issues she has to enhance her bum and boobs?! and even get lip fillers I dont gerrit! How long did it take her to even accept that she did get some enhancements? Very soon the truth will come out thats she indeed had some surgical help and does anyone also think she totally looks like Kim now? I guess Kim's body was the target all along ...

This Girl is on Fire! Toke Makinwa slays for Complete Fashion Magazine

I think she looks great on the cover but I also think her IG photos are even better and much finer than this, so photographer am sure you could have done better!.

 In other news, Toke is  sure taking all her marriages issues in stride and just forging on! Good on ya Gurl!

But wait! does complete Fashion not always have double celeb covers? Well guess Toke is so popular she's  equal to two celebrities


Yes I was right! Complete Fashion always has a double celeb cover and yes Toke Covered this edition with DJ Exclusive but yes I was right again! Toke is a bigger star and DJ Exclusive's cover just simply got shunned! sorry to the DJ!

Is Serena Williams Embracing Gymnastics?! shows just how flexible she is on the rings!

Wowzaaa! I never would have thought a tennis star could be this flexible,Fit! Yes! Very Fit! yes but not that flexible.I often imagine Tennis is about agility,mental strength and of course technical know how but once Again Serana shatters the stereotypes.. "Fearless #strongisbeautiful Just do it! "The world Number 1 shared..

As for me I aint trying this at home hahahahha Like thy say in all those Wrestlemania shows  but well if you wanna do it Serena style? JUST DO IT! 

And how cute is this Video of Serena and Elder sis Venus Making Faces?!

As you can see the brows are back in full force #Sigh!

Sexy,Yellow! Moet Abebe Lately...

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

The Soundcity TV Gal has been turning up in a lot of yellow Lately..First she shared shots of her in her yellow Monokini and then her  26th birthday outfit .

She recently celebrated with friends and Family in Zanzibar,Tanzania.
Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos - BellaNaija - July2015007

Lets Just say we wouldnt be wrong if we assumed Moet's favourite colour was Yellow,we are just not sure about the fit of that dress on her.. 

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

All the same we wish her a happy belated birthday!

Thursday 30 July 2015

4 kids and three Baby Mama's after Senator Obanikoro's son Jide Ibrahim Obanikoro proposes to girlfriend Fatima

Ibrahim Babajide is one of the sons of  Popular politician and former Lagos state Governorship Aspirant Musiliu Obanikoro.

A business man and politician himself, Ibrahim recently proposed to his girlfriend, Fatima a Vanguard newspaper Journalist.

Fatima Garba is said to be so  smitten with the junior Obanikoro who is said to be a father of 4 kids from 3 baby mamas, and is presently expecting another one on the way!

Ibrahim is a muslim so..if he's to marry his three baby mamas, plus Fatima,he's still very much covered under his religion which allows for 4 wives!? so here's to a very big happy Family..


Photos;When first lady Chantal Biya stole the show as President Buhari was hosted in Cameroon

Buhari in Cameroon

President Buhari was hosted to a state dinner by Cameroonian President, Paul Biya and his wife Mrs Chantal Biya at the Unity Palace in Yaounde yesterday but Hol up! Somebody else stole the show instead of the presidents. It was the first Lady!

Chantal Biya often referred to as the Lady Gaga of African first Ladies stole the show in what people have now referred to as a "pink mess" lmaooo..

Welllll.... I dont totally think it was a hot mess per say..This is her style, what she's known for so I dont think anyone should be surprised..

I am loving that Fascinator even Buhari thinks so he even toasts to it with Chantal sef lol..

Buhari in Cameroon 5

Buhari in Cameroon 2

Buhari in Cameroon 3

Billionaire wife Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson's Beauty range seems to be making waves..

Embedded image permalink

Beauty Queen and wife to billionaire sunny Aku recently launched her beauty range self named Dabota Cosmetics and it seems to be making waves among beauty lovers as their social media pages are filled with reviews and good comments from those who have used her products..

So have you tried Dabota Cosmetics?? These Lippies seems Inviting..

Monday 27 July 2015

So what happens Now that Big Brother Africa 2015 has been cancelled?!

Mnet Africa's reality show Big Briother Africa for this year has been cancelled.the show which has versions in other countries like the UK and US has been pulled this year due to a supposed lack of funds and sponsors.

 Manager of Multi Choice Ghana, Anne Sackey in an interview explained that MNETdid not give them any reasons as to why they will not be doing Big Brother this year, but then, she personally thinks it’s due to sponsorship constraints. In her words: “They didn’t give us any reason though, but I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up”.

Anne Sackey thinks that since the organizers don’t have a constant annual headline sponsor (s) for the show, it becomes difficult sometimes to get sponsors. “They don’t have fix sponsors on the show. Every year the sponsor changes, sometimes it’s Coca­Cola, sometimes MTN .

Whew! so what is Mnet going to do to fix up those three months of viewing time for viewers,maybe some new programmes,soaps or the likes but really Big Brother Africa I think has overstayed its welcome or maybe it needs a revamp,I have watched the UK version for years and it doesnt even have as much nudity as the African version! 

There is no shower hour,the showers are covered with frosted glass and sexual activity censored but the African version became a free for all so I guess our conservative nature couldnt take it for long. I suggest they revamp it,tone down the nudity and then maybe sponsors will get back on board and they can  come back bigger.

So whats going to be filling your big brother viewing schedule this year? 

Jennifer Lopez rocks out in sheer risque dress for 46th birthday!

Curvaceous: J-Lo gave a sultry stare as she rocked the sexy clinging black dress which showed off her cleavage and had cut-outs on the side

This dress is all shades of risque and you may think errrr not age appropriate for age 46 but Hey its Jlo!.

The Singer and actress turned up for her 46th birthday gig in this outfit I must say she looks really really good for 46! 

Iconic: She flashed her famous backside in the dress with a sheer detailing at the popular New York hotspot 1Oak in Southampton

Cheeky: The singer and actress was not shy about showing off her fabulous figure in her forties

Assistance is needed: Jennifer was helped out of the chauffeured vehicle by Casper Smart

Escort: JLo was pleased to be escorted to the festivities by her much younger boyfriend
Boyfriend Casper Smart was on ground to Lead his lady to the venue

RIP! Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Passes on at 22

This is such a tragic tale heartbreaking to know it should not have ended this way but 6 months after Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bath tub she has eventually passed on in a hospice yesterday 26th July

A statement by the family reads

"Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family. She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months"

According to reports Bobbi Kristina 's Death is still going through investigations tilting towards a murder.Her Adopted brother and husband Nick Gordon has been reportedly placed on suicide watch after her passing.

She was the only surving child the Late legendry singer who died 3 years ago in almost similar circumstances!
 Rest in Peace Bobbi Kristina!

Sunday 26 July 2015

Adorbs! Meet Davido's cute daughter(PHOTO)

Awwww she's so cute! and sure has her dad's features. Davido shared the photo of his dad holding his daughter.

We havent seen any images of her since he welcomed her with his Partner (0r Ex or whatever they are!) Sophie Momodu but she's sure adorable and seems to be melting hearts already..If only the little girl knew what her grandfather is worth. #thebabaolowogangan! lol..

Friday 24 July 2015

Photos;US President Barack Obama arrives Native Kenya

The United states President this evening arrived Kenya and he was photographed as he jogged down the stairs of the plane hugged his half sister(Auma Obama) pictured above and generally being treated to a warm welcome.

This is coming after Kenyan's launched an uproar against CNN for referring to the Country as a "Terror Hot bed"

With president Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya..Errrrr share the joke guys!

Kim kardashian's Sizzling Images for Hype campaign

Photos Kim Kardashian for Hype Energy Drink Campaign

Remember Kim shared some shots on social media when she was shooting for her hype energy dink deal..
 Now more images have been released and Kim in usual fashion shines for the cameras..

                       Stunning: Kim Kardashian rocks a number of sexy looks as she poses for energy drink company, Hype

Photos Kim Kardashian for Hype Energy Drink Campaign

More photos when you continue..

Kendall and Kylie Jenner graduate from High school;Photos from their Graduation Party

You might think what's the big deal in graduating from High school,many teens do everyday BUT Kendall and Kylie are not your normal teens,They are celebrities in their rights they even had to be home-schooled due to their schedules.

With Millions of followers on social media,fashion businesses(They both own a fashion line) Kendall is a world class superstar model,Kylie even owns her own house at 17! #bravo!

So they graduated recently and they got a surprise party hosted by family and friends..

See more photos below..

Waohh even Ryan Seacrest showed up! He's sure seen them two grow up having produced their reality show from the beginning! The Kardashian Family sure owe him much!