Friday, 31 July 2015

Genevieve Nnaji's Latest beauty shots

The actress recently shared these photos from a makeover session.

Skin's flawless but am sure we all can agree that Genevieve looks way better than these photos portray and by the way its beginning to seem weird calling her an actress. its been waaaaay tooo long since we saw her in a movie.Yes I know she cant act anyhow anymore but at least 2 or 3 in a year?? Hen... 
Genny Kilonshele?!....

Brand new Video;Yemi Alade - "Duro Timi"

Brand new from the Mama Awards Winning singer..

Check on it!

So Kylie Jenner says she hasnt had any surgery,buff Bum and full breasts are due to some enhancement cream..

So kylie has always been hounded about  enhancing her body as many have assumed she's had surgery,she recently refuted the claims on her page

"I love sharing my beauty secrets with you guys and this is a favorite. -------- (Some product name which has been censored!)offers products with All Natural ingredients (which is important to me) to help maintain & accentuate your curves. ---------- butt enhancement cream & Breast plumping lotion stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use. #curvesonfleek.”

Right! why is an 18 year old so bothered about body issues she has to enhance her bum and boobs?! and even get lip fillers I dont gerrit! How long did it take her to even accept that she did get some enhancements? Very soon the truth will come out thats she indeed had some surgical help and does anyone also think she totally looks like Kim now? I guess Kim's body was the target all along ...

Stella Damasus pens loving message for Hubby Daniel Ademinokan as he turns a year older; "I Love you my #ogaatthetop,mylove,myboo

So Stella Damasus' boo Daniel Ademinokan is a year older today July 31st and his sweerat(Sweetheart)took to her Instagram page to give him a lovely birthday shout out 

see below..

"@dabishop007 you are a blessing to many, a friend to all, a mentor to too many, a teacher to most, a brother to some, a father to so many, a motivator to all. To me, you are All these and many more. God bless you in all you do. Thank you for being the best any woman could ever ask for. You are multi talented and extremely intelligent. 
You challenge my Mind daily and that has helped me grow. You have taught me so much and I can't thank you enough for all you have been doing for us. I LOVE YOU is not enough to express my feelings anymore. I hope to find more creative ways to tell you everyday. Just be YOU regardless. God has blessed you and no man can ever change that. Happy birthday to you my LOVE. #hbd #ogaatthetop #mybestfriend #mylove #fineboy #obim #nkem #boo"


NO! This is my face..

Actually! This is ...

This Girl is on Fire! Toke Makinwa slays for Complete Fashion Magazine

I think she looks great on the cover but I also think her IG photos are even better and much finer than this, so photographer am sure you could have done better!.

 In other news, Toke is  sure taking all her marriages issues in stride and just forging on! Good on ya Gurl!

But wait! does complete Fashion not always have double celeb covers? Well guess Toke is so popular she's  equal to two celebrities


Yes I was right! Complete Fashion always has a double celeb cover and yes Toke Covered this edition with DJ Exclusive but yes I was right again! Toke is a bigger star and DJ Exclusive's cover just simply got shunned! sorry to the DJ!

Is Serena Williams Embracing Gymnastics?! shows just how flexible she is on the rings!

Wowzaaa! I never would have thought a tennis star could be this flexible,Fit! Yes! Very Fit! yes but not that flexible.I often imagine Tennis is about agility,mental strength and of course technical know how but once Again Serana shatters the stereotypes.. "Fearless #strongisbeautiful Just do it! "The world Number 1 shared..

As for me I aint trying this at home hahahahha Like thy say in all those Wrestlemania shows  but well if you wanna do it Serena style? JUST DO IT! 

And how cute is this Video of Serena and Elder sis Venus Making Faces?!

As you can see the brows are back in full force #Sigh!

Photospeak;When Femi Fani Kayode's Beau Precious Chikwendu was having none of him as he danced in COZA Church

Wait! Dint he change his name to Olu someting?! Pardon me I cant quite remember it now
Well... and pardon me also if COZA is actually his church and not that he  just worshiped there once.

Okay! Apologies out the way! Femi and his "Yellow Pawpaw"(Term for very fair people) Precious Chikwendu visited Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo's Coza Pastor Biodun any chance we are getting  that very Robust reply?! recently and as you can see Femi is Happily dancing and his wife- to- be seems to be well... interested in something else

I hear once you are heading into COZA you are applauded,treated like a celebrity and then have your photos taken which are then visible on their Facebook Page,great! Social media Savvy church  But then Look at the look at the Looks on the faces of these Ushers(In Peach to your right)..

To your right>> ...You cant see oya peep the one below..

Una wan use look fall person?!

Sexy,Yellow! Moet Abebe Lately...

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

The Soundcity TV Gal has been turning up in a lot of yellow Lately..First she shared shots of her in her yellow Monokini and then her  26th birthday outfit .

She recently celebrated with friends and Family in Zanzibar,Tanzania.
Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos - BellaNaija - July2015007

Lets Just say we wouldnt be wrong if we assumed Moet's favourite colour was Yellow,we are just not sure about the fit of that dress on her.. 

Moet Abebe Birthday Photos

All the same we wish her a happy belated birthday!

Toke Makinwa's Vlog of the week - "Invest in you!"

Do you believe in yourself?? are you Investing in yourself? Are you self loving?! You should Toke says!

Check out her Vlog of the week

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Photos;Actress Ayo Adesanya shows us what she's playing with..

The Actress just shared these shots and she says she's "gat no chills I say no I gat chills given none tolerance for chills".

Okay Ma'am!

Mens Fashion;Pink Dont Hurt! Dbanj Lately!

Dbanj is probably one of Nigeria's biggest music stars,lately it seems he may not be doing as well in the music department but he's sure doing well with his various other businesses.

He recently stepped out rocking this look, most men wont wear pink but Dbanj seems to have been able to pull it off and showing off his cars at the same time stylishly! lol..

So dear men a bit of pink wouldnt hurt your wardrobe I think..

4 kids and three Baby Mama's after Senator Obanikoro's son Jide Ibrahim Obanikoro proposes to girlfriend Fatima(Photos)

Ibrahim Babajide is one of the son's  Popular politician and former Lagos state Governorship Aspirant Musiliu Obanikoro.

A business man and politician himself Ibrahim recently proposed to his girlfriend Fatima a Vanguard newspaper Journalist.

Fatima Garba is said to be so  smitten with the junior Obanikoro who is said to be a father of 4 kids from 3 baby mamas and is presently expecting another one on the way somebody say Tuface and Annie very quickly for me please!

But Ibrahim is a muslim so..if he's to marry his three baby mamas plus Fatima he's still covered shey?? so here's to a very big happy Family..


Photos;When first lady Chantal Biya stole the show as President Buhari was hosted in Cameroon

Buhari in Cameroon

President Buhari was hosted to a state dinner by Cameroonian President, Paul Biya and his wife Mrs Chantal Biya at the Unity Palace in Yaounde yesterday but Hol up! Somebody else stole the show instead of the presidents. It was the first Lady!

Chantal Biya often referred to as the Lady Gaga of African first Ladies stole the show in what people have now referred to as a "pink mess" lmaooo..

Welllll.... I dont totally think it was a hot mess per say..This is her style, what she's known for so I dont think anyone should be surprised..

I am loving that Fascinator even Buhari thinks so he even toasts to it with Chantal sef lol..

Buhari in Cameroon 5

Buhari in Cameroon 2

Buhari in Cameroon 3

Mummy Time! Actress Chacha Eke and daughter Kamara in cute photos

See all these schools that do graduation from nursery to Primary hen! I guess Chacha's daughter also graduated recently hence the graduation gown but how cute are they both.

Awww..she's even carrying her own purse..#theyoungshallgrow!

Billionaire wife Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson's Beauty range seems to be making waves..

Embedded image permalink

Beauty Queen and wife to billionaire sunny Aku recently launched her beauty range self named Dabota Cosmetics and it seems to be making waves among beauty lovers as their social media pages are filled with reviews and good comments from those who have used her products..

So have you tried Dabota Cosmetics?? These Lippies seems Inviting..

London based actress Yvonne Hays currently in HoustonTexas filming on the set of new TV Series 'Bayou City Kings' See BTS photos.

The Actress seems to be taking strides after strides in her career and bagging role after role on both local and international projects.

The lastet is a US TV series Bayou City Kings Written/Directed by Don Okolo and Produced by Nkem Denchukwu.

"BAYOU CITY KINGS - BCK, a six-part TV Series Pilot, is a story that revolves around Africa's wealthiest trio in a race to outdo one another. BCK is close-cropped, no fat, raging spitfire drama-adventure! Only they come with spicy doses of cruelty, murder, greed, seduction, sex, and love, enough to keep them all within the bounds of all acceptable carnal relationships."

Don Okolo is an Adjunct Professor at the Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, where he teaches Screenplay Writing and Film Directing. He is vastly talented as an author and a Filmmaker with more than half a dozen independent feature films under his belt; over a hundred screenplays to his credit; six fiction-based books in different genres in his name (Yeshua, My Love, Twelve Million Nights, Bagersville, The 12th Gate, Sodom City, Blue Martini, Obijiaku: Blood of Legends and An African vampire story). In 2013, he received a NAFCA - African Oscars Award for Best Screenplay in Diaspora on PAGE 36 (2012), Best Director in Diaspora in 2014 on GEM OF THE RAINFOREST (2013), and POUND OF FLESH (2014) recently received a "Rising Star Award at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival."
Nkem DenChukwu is an Inspirational Writer, an Author of four books, an Independent Filmmaker with three films under her belt plus a Television Series Pilot in the can, and an Award Winning Producer. Her 2014 Film Production, Pound of Flesh, received a "Rising Star Award at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival." Nkem's creative verses were featured in The Oprah Winfrey Magazine (July 2014 and May 2015 Editions). She also has a flare for photography.

The series also stars American actors Merlisa Determined and Curtis Von amongst others.

The New series is set to blow your minds when its hits the screens  for  more Behind the scene action you can follow the series on Facebook

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ooni of Ife Oba Sijuwade passes on @85

First class Oba and one of the most popular Nigerian Obas, Oba Okunade Sijuwade the Ooni of Ife has reportedly passed on aged 85.

Details or cause of death are still sketchy at the moment but he is said to have been ill for some time and passed on at a London hospital .

Monday, 27 July 2015

So what happens Now that Big Brother Africa 2015 has been cancelled?!

Mnet Africa's reality show Big Briother Africa for this year has been cancelled.the show which has versions in other countries like the UK and US has been pulled this year due to a supposed lack of funds and sponsors.

 Manager of Multi Choice Ghana, Anne Sackey in an interview explained that MNETdid not give them any reasons as to why they will not be doing Big Brother this year, but then, she personally thinks it’s due to sponsorship constraints. In her words: “They didn’t give us any reason though, but I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up”.

Anne Sackey thinks that since the organizers don’t have a constant annual headline sponsor (s) for the show, it becomes difficult sometimes to get sponsors. “They don’t have fix sponsors on the show. Every year the sponsor changes, sometimes it’s Coca­Cola, sometimes MTN .

Whew! so what is Mnet going to do to fix up those three months of viewing time for viewers,maybe some new programmes,soaps or the likes but really Big Brother Africa I think has overstayed its welcome or maybe it needs a revamp,I have watched the UK version for years and it doesnt even have as much nudity as the African version! 

There is no shower hour,the showers are covered with frosted glass and sexual activity censored but the African version became a free for all so I guess our conservative nature couldnt take it for long. I suggest they revamp it,tone down the nudity and then maybe sponsors will get back on board and they can  come back bigger.

So whats going to be filling your big brother viewing schedule this year? 

Jennifer Lopez rocks out in sheer risque dress for 46th birthday!

Curvaceous: J-Lo gave a sultry stare as she rocked the sexy clinging black dress which showed off her cleavage and had cut-outs on the side

This dress is all shades of risque and you may think errrr not age appropriate for age 46 but Hey its Jlo!.

The Singer and actress turned up for her 46th birthday gig in this outfit I must say she looks really really good for 46! 

Iconic: She flashed her famous backside in the dress with a sheer detailingĀ at the popular New York hotspot 1Oak in Southampton

Cheeky: The singer and actress was not shy about showing off her fabulous figure in her forties

Assistance is needed: Jennifer was helped out of the chauffeured vehicle by Casper Smart

Escort: JLo was pleased to be escorted to the festivities by her much younger boyfriend
Boyfriend Casper Smart was on ground to Lead his lady to the venue