Wednesday 8 January 2014

Toke Makinwa's Vlog of the week "Pick up Lines"

Stella Oduah scandal 2;Femi Fani Kayode shares his take on Stella Oduah fake MBA saga..

Its the second time aviation minister, Stella Oduah has been in the news. 

First a multi million Naira Armoured vehicle purchase and now for educational fraud.

There have been reports that the honourable minster's resume is a bit shady as her MBA has been denied by the college where she claims to have studied,and then online references and records suddenly went missing.

Femi Fani Kayode had something to say about it all..

" wonder if our Igbo brothers and sisters will allege that all those that condemn Stella Oduah’s shameless lies and false declarations, under oath, before the Nigerian Senate that she acquired a masters degree from some second rate American university are nothing but “igbo haters” who have a hidden agenda?

Honestly, this woman, this government, this President and all those that support them are an utter disgrace to Nigeria and to Africa. Even with all this I assure you that our President will not be able to muster the courage and decency to be firm and decisive and to fire this vampire Minister. And we all know why though we dare not say it.

We are a nation that is being governed by a bunch of scammers, cheats, liars, rogues, 419ner’s, adulterers and ritualists. May God rid us of this evil and shameless government with it’s inner circle and tiny cabal of desperate, heartless and greedy Jezebels."

Stella Oduah

Movie review;I watched Desperatehousegirls,6 reasons why you should too!

So first impression is what kind of title is that?! for months I kept stalling in watching cos I just judged the film by its title but I eventually watched and I am glad I did

Its an averagely good story that deals with a very touchy subject "Maids" I mean we have either in one way or the other or at one point in our lives lived with maids,hired them or have had to deal with them in some way or the other.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Tweetfight; Yvonne Nelson Vs. Linda Ikeji, goofs on "exclusive" story about Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya featuring in same movie ..

Embedded image permalink

So popular blogger Linda Ikeji did an exclusive story which she claimed was sent by Actress Yvonne's team that she was going to produce a film and was going to feature controversial ex Iyanya.

Well Linda kind of failed to confirm that Yvonne wasnt actually the producer but Elvis chuks.She later edited the story but Yvonne had already called her out on twiiter for writing false gist about her..

And guess who else joined in the battle..yea you guessed right "defender sister" Laura Ikeji..

Check out the tweets below..     

Palatial Opulence;Check out the luxurious Lifestyle of ex Governor Orji Uzor Kalu..

Blogger Stella Dimokokorkus Opens up;on Marriage,being based in germany and being a Blognalist(journalist turned blogger)

Stella is like a bulldozer(lol my words) she just does her thing she doesnt even wince one bit at anything or anyone she just gets the job done! Guess it goes to show her level  and years of training as a well grounded journalist.

In a recent interview with Citypeople Magazine she opened up on a lot of issues..

Excerpts below..

"How did blogging start for you?

Blogging started for me as a hobby.. I had internet at home and didn’t utilise it well until one day I got really bored and started my second blog after the first one was deleted for controversial reasons…That’s how I started oh.

When did you decide to make it a full-time job?

I decided to make it a full-time job when I left print journalism a few months back..When I was in print, I kept trying to discuss with my boss then the need to get online presence but he kept shutting me up like a fly making noise. As at the time I left print I had not made up my mind to become a full-time blogger but it just happened and there has been no regrets.

Turning up the heat; Eva Longoria is named Maxim woman of the year!

Eva Longoria Maxim

Coupled up; Joseph Yobo and wife Adaeze Igwe celebrate 3 years together..

The young couple are  3 years into their marriage and celebrated their Anniversary in the new year..

Congratulations to them ..Many more years together!

Monday 6 January 2014

Soul E remarries;Marries another Banker

After his marriage to banker queen Ure crashed Soul E has been off the scene..He got married to his longtime beau another banker who is based in Abuja.

Soul  E married Delinda Petula in a traditional ceremony recently.

Someone seems to like older bankers

Whitenicious by Dencia Launched and sells out on first Day!

So Dencia finally launched her skin care range,Whitenicious and it just sold out in one single day!

Whitenicious by Dencia

Dencia cameroonian bleaching expert

Here's what CEO Dencia tweeted..

 Waohhh ..with prices ranging between $50-$150 you can only imagine how much the brand made in one single day!

Photos;Singer Bez Idakula weds Bolatito Ladoja

Singer Bez Idakula got married to his sweetheart Bolatito Ladoja (ex Oyo Governor's Daughter) over the weekend..

Enjoy all the photos from the event more when you continue..

Governor Fashola is that you??!

Guess this is how our Governor keeps fit!    Governor Fashola for president! #Najokeohhh

Did you know there was a street called twitter??

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Just found this photo online which proves there is actually a street called twitter  said to be somewhere in Oakland USA. so now you know! lol..

Dino Melaye set to marry new beau Alero Falope..

If reports are anything to go by then Dino Melaye will soon be marrying his new beau Alero Falope.Well "the beau" is not necessarily new as Dino and Alero are said to have been dating for over 4 years which only means Dino has been cheating on his wife steadily for four years! not forgetting his romance with actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe who daughter she still claims is his.

And Dino was in government ba?? and you ask why people in government steal your money?? If they can cheat on their own wives how much more stealing from you!

Dino and his legal wife Tokunbo are still on their divorce case with domestic violence all in the mix,well all that is not is not stopping the love birds as they are undeterred and will be holding their introduction/engagement soon.

Alero Falope is Daisy Danjuma's niece and is also said to have been married before with a daughter. 

More photos of Toyin Lawani's baby as she heads home from hospital..

Sunday 5 January 2014

Nollywood actress Susan Peters turns musician set to release new single..

Most entertainment personalities at some point in their career tend to have  "that switch" from one branch of entertainment music-movies and vice-versa.

Susan Peters is the latest Nigerian actress to embrace music.She is said to presently be in the studio working on her music and would be dropping a single soon..

We cant wait!

Saturday 4 January 2014

Tuface Idibia and wife Annie welcome baby girl

The couple who got married last year after being together for over 13 years welcomed their second child(a girl)together recently.

Annie has been in the US for a bit waiting for the arrival of their bundle of joy. Mother and child are said to be doing well in an Atlanta.

Tuface has other children from other relationships this is his second with Annie who will be sister to 5 year old Isabella 

Big congratulations to the couple

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Fresh Prince of Bel Air's "Uncle Phil" James Avery passes on at 65!

Sad loss: Fresh Prince of Bel Air star James Avery has died aged 65

James Avery was on the show for over 5 years with other stars Will smith and Alphonso Ribeiro but he sadly passed on following complications from an open heart surgery.

So sad was still doing the carlton dance the other day May he rest in peace!

OMG.. meet 7ft Diameter Behind owner Sarah Massey who's hoping to inspire more "Big" ladies

According to a Dailymail report  Sarah  has to wear extra large trousers and once managed to crack a toilet bowl just by sitting on it but says she is proud to have one of the world's largest posteriors.

The Chicago mother-of-two's derriere measures an impressive 7ft in diameter and sometimes proves too large to fit through doorways.
But despite being proud of her record-breaking rear end, 32-stone Ms Massey admits that living with a super-sized bottom isn't always easy and receives £750 in disability benefit each month as a result of having limited mobility.

Kim Kardashian's biggest achievements in 2013..

Well the photo says it all giving birth to Nori and of cos that huge rock from Kanye..Not bad at all for the year Kimmy!

And how cute is Nori's hand?? cute cute..

Emma Nyra and Endia are coverstars for Tush Magazine issue 6..

More from the issue spread when you continue..

Popular Anonnymous Blogger Ladun Liadi reveals herself!;Set to launch Vlog series,watch her first Video..

Ladun Laidi is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria and up until now she was anonymous but now we all sure can put a face to the blogger behind Ladun Laidi's blog!

She is set to also launch her own vlog series starting this new year Check out her first video below..

Hmmm Ladun omo dudu ton dan! This your make up your laughter na die!

Photos; 2014 New year's firework display from around the world,from Sydney to Japan to Dubai to Malaysia and lots more..


Its 2014 and as tradition for most countries Fireworks usher in the new year..Lets take a trip round the world and see how several countries did with their fireworks display

Happy New Year people!!! Welcome to brand new 2014!!

Yes!!! we made it into the new year,You! yes you!,Me! and all our loved Joyous!!

I wish you all a beautiful 2014 filled with all the goodness,richness,and sweetness you all desire.

Lets reach more greater heights together this year! Have a lovely New year's celebration.GOD bless you!