Saturday 31 May 2014

Legendary for Real;Naomi Campbell is ageless in new Spread for Harper'sBazaar Vietnam

Waohhh! Naomi is 43?! 
At this rate she's gonna be working till she's 50! waohhh waohhh waohhh..

Joy Isi Bewaji dishes it Hot!; Entertainment Journalism is boring in Nigeria, Toolz for example has no opinion on anything!

OH joyy!! anyone not heard about Joy yet?? No?? Ok Joy is a very opionated writer,columnist,publicist and works in various capacities in the entertainment business.

She has had run ins with blogger Stella dimokokorkus,with BBA celeb Makossi to name a few. 

She says what she wants without a care in the world

Joy isi bewaji
Joy isi bewaji

So now she thinks entertainment journalists want to be celebs themselves,and as such do alotta ass liking and attend red carpets hoping to be photographed.

The funny part which I think is abit true is about Toolz,I mean on the Juice she lets some questions slip cos obviously there is rapport with most of the celebs on her couch.
The juice itself has began to lack some real juice..

ohhh btw, please read Joy's post just posted on her FB a few minutes ago..


"The reason entertainment journalism is super boring in Nigeria is because the practitioners are hustling to be celebrities themselves; and sadly, they are friends with the real celebrities- partying, taking duck face selfies, air-kissing on twitter, shopping and getting styled from the same stock. 

More when you continue..

Throwback of life; MC Hammer "cant Touch this"


Michael Essien shows us some "Hot stuff" in pregame snap

#Nocomment or there is actually a comment but its refusing to be said or typed lol..

Photo:Ali Nuhu and son Strike a pose

Who knew Actor Ali Nuhu had a son as grown as this..His name is Ahmad and he recently turned  8 years old.From that pose would it be okay to say...Another actor in the making??

Dear Freda Edewor why are you sucking on a baby pacifier??(photos)

I saw these photos and I thought of two scenarios..

1)She was at a baby shower..
2)She visited a friend who has a baby and she posed with the baby's pacifier (which would have rendered it useless kinda)

and then a 3rd scenario is that Freda decided to....hen hen I swallow that one for my stomach lol..

I see Lovely skin though!

Six years strong! Julius Agwu and Wife Ebiere celebrate wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to them..

What would you do if you met this in your back garden??

OMG! The lord is my shepherd! 

Just Like Minaj;Iggy Azalea shows off hourglass figure

Remember "they" recently said IGGY controls Hiphop and that she was kinda better than Nicki Minaj  well that might be getting to IGGY as she is now showing off her body which can very well compete with Nicki abi??

More when you continue..

Friday 30 May 2014

Beyonce shares most adorable Family photos ever!

Awwwww This Photo really reminds me of someone.. More photos when you continue..

So Sad former Oyo Governor Ladoja's son dies in Road Mishap

Former Oyo State governor Ladoja lost one of his sons yesterday May 29th in a fatal auto crash on the Lagos Eko Bridge.

Adebola Ladoja, who was driving a Volkswagen Golf car, was heading towards Lagos Island around 3.30pm when a DAF truck said to be on top speed lost control, rammed into the median of the bridge and then rammed into his car, crushing it and killing Adebola on the spot.

Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident and said the late Adebola's corpse has been deposited at the mortuary

"On Eko Bridge, a Daf truck with registration number. JJJ 59 XA, driven by one Justice Oseghai, ran into a Volkswagen Golf car marked AKD 107 CJ, driven by Adebola Ladoja, son of the former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Rasheed Ladoja. The victim died on the spot. His corpse has been moved to the Lagos Island General Hospital’s mortuary for autopsy, while the truck’s driver has been arrested."

OMG That is so so so so saddening.. May GOD rest his soul.

Funke Adesiyan is that you??!

The Actress Was recently spotted at the recently held AMAA awards..Looking like she's added a bit of weight or maybe its just Camera angles tho..

Below is what Funke used to look like or the Funke that we are all used to.

Brand new Video;Gospel artist MoniQue "Rhythm and Blues"

The singer who featured on Midnight crew's Mike Abdul's Morire,is back with a new track Rhythm and blues..

Check on it!

Lupita Nyong'o secures film rights to Chimamanda Adiche's Americanah..

The Confirmation was made at a Stylist book club session held in London Yesterday

Two gorgeous Strong African women working together = Magic! 

Brand New Video;Jennifer Lopez "first Love"

I  really do not want to compare or say anything about Tiwa Savage's wanted video...but you know...

Check out Jlo's latest video "FirstLove"

Photos;Kim and Kanye looking gloomy on Honeymoon in Ireland

Honeymoon destination? The 21-time Grammy winner and his Bound 2 video vixen are now rumoured to be staying at the luxurious five-star Castlemartyr Resort

I wonder why the couple would be looking kinda glum and low just after their beautiful wedding and when they are reported to be staying at the Castylemartry resort pictured above.

They have reportely only been out for Cinema Dates and some Hiking and Biking..So they just may be bored compared to their ever busy Paparazzi infested lives..or better still they are just #Teamnice&sunny like me and are not finding the weather friendly as a pic shows Kanye walking in the Rain..

Denrele Edun shows off Fairer face complete with False Lashes at recent event..

Lets just assume its some different shade of foundation that is causing the brightness on Denrele's face..and that lippy on Bev hmmm... story for another day!

And ohhh btw check Denrele's latest shoe purchase below..

Nice eh??

Laverne Cox becomes first Transgender to get Time magazine Cover..

Be what you wanna be if you sleep better at night and can answer to your creator....aint no worries..

Thursday 29 May 2014

Photos: Melvin Oduah and siblings celebrate sister's Birthday at Lekki Leisure Lake

It was Melvin's sister's birthday today and they took out time for some fun at the Lekki Leisure lake..

Tonia is melvin's sister who was also on Gulder ultimate search season 7 and she is also a model as well..

Happy birthday to her.. ohhh btw I should totally check out Lekki leisure lake sometime..

Toke Makinwa's Vlog of the week " How to be the next Kim Kardashian"

Errrr would you wanna be the next Kim Kardashian??

Photos;President Goodluck Jonathan Test Runs the First Made-in-Nigeria SUV as Part of Activities Marking Democracy Day 2014

 More photos from the Democracy Day 2014 events when you continue..

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Brand new Video; Tiwa Savage "Wanted"

Chai chai chai!!..I have no words for this video because.. errrrrrr... infact I have no words... I mean ermmmm... hmmmm.. Ok I go talk am..

This Video hen..It may give you nightmares.. I kinda think Teebilz is exploting Tiwa by all means to make money forget that they are married.. How many Nigerian men would do this to their wives?? think about it! #My opinion.. and nobody come tell me about freedom Omotola is married her Husband supports her 100% am sure we can never see such from her..

I am no hypocrite a lil bit of sexy is good  but Tiwa doesnt need all of these it looks forced and very trashy you wanna go the trashy route go take a month of classes from Maheeda..
you dont believe  me slow this video down at 3.04 lol.. the dance there hen...

Oya watch!

Monday 26 May 2014

TVC's "Your View" presenter Morayo Afolabi Brown welcomes set of twins..

I havent been so happy for someone I only see on the telly..Morayo just has this very lovely aura and she always made me look forward to the next episode..

She recently went on leave and it was announced that she birthed her twins today!

Morayo presents the early morning Programme  YourView on TVC  dealing with issues ranging from politics,Women advancement marriage,celebrity focus,and lots more..

She is assited by a panel of six other ladies..Yeni Kuti,Olajumoke Alawode James,Tope Mark Odige,Sandra Eze,Uwa Saleh,and Nyma..

Big Congratulations to Morayo her little girl now has twins to babysit lol..

Photos;Ex VP Atiku and daughter attend Jacob Zuma's Inauguration in SouthAfrica

Father and Daughter

It was south African President Jacob Zuma's Inauguration over the weekend and of course so many African leaders were in attendance..

Ex Nigerian Vice president Atiku Abubakar took his daughter along

More Photos of Atiku and Nigerian leaders Asiwaju Tinubu, and Ribadu congratulating Zuma when you continue..

Video;Dr Sid on the Juice - I do not miss Wandecoal

Dr Sid Joins Toolz this time on the juice couch..

Check on it!

Who's this Twitter Kid with the Grown Up Face and reactions..

Omg am I allowed to like laugh or not?? Yes?? No? lol.. this guy's photo has been used in Hilarious memes and images because his reactions do not depict his age at all cos guess what?? he is just a year old!

His facial reactions and mannerisms infact I cant place how he  does it..His sister runs a twitter account for him cos he has kinda become an internet star because of the faces he makes 

More when you continue..

Patience Jonathan sets the two eyewear/ shade trend(Photos)


Mama peace oohhh..

Sunday 25 May 2014

OMG RMD is that you??!!

The actor was spotted at last Nite's AMAA looking... 
I know RMD recently lost some weight,yes am for being fit am for healthy living..I hope all is well and thats just a bad Camera angle or something..

RMD before