Sunday 11 May 2014

Photos: Meet Ann Njemanze and Segun Arinze's 17 year old daughter Renny.+Ann's birthday shoutout to her..

Ann and Segun were man and wife before things went awry.they have both since remarried but they have  a 17 year old together..check out the touching birthday message mum Ann shared below..

“My angel is 17 today. May your tomorrow be unpolluted. may all you ever plan in your heart be beautiful before the lord.happy birthday to my head girl,my joy of inestimable value, my pride. Thank you for not letting me down in life. Love you forever. Ebezina chukwunonso.odighi adigide! God never lies.this child of mine leaving school now looking to university in September.i have never been so proud. I remember the hard days and today laughter feels my every cell. To every woman who has had to bring up children alone...ebezina! Chukwunonso! Odighi adigide! Ogaadirigimma!!! God did it for me!! He will do even more for you!HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENNY NJEMANZE .YOUR LIGHT SHINES"


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