Wednesday 7 May 2014

Best Illusion ever!? Model walks out in only Gstring with jeans painted on her body

That's one way to get attention! A French model walks down the streets of Lille with jeans painted on

Would you believe this lady actually does not have jeans trousers on only painted on her skin..The next snaps will amaze you!

Work of art: Makeup artist Marie paints a pair of blue faded jeans onto a model

The first shot of the model wearing a white g-string as Marie begins her makeover

Paint job: Marie makes the finishing touches to her model in the impressive jeans she has painted on her legs

Rear shot: The model poses with her jeans painted on. The detail on the jeans makes them hard to tell they aren't real

And she's off! The model walks out onto the street with her painted jeans and a short on

The model walks onto the daylight streets of Lille, in France


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