Wednesday 14 May 2014

5 Strong Nigerian Women who Blog from The Diaspora..

Yes I know we are due an original article on the blog,been so long its just been all celebrity this, this that..

So we need to  also celebrate bloggers as well not just the celebs alone so you might be expecting an overdose of do you know blogger this blogger that on here.. lol..

So we are looking at 5 strong  female bloggers who run things from the other side of the Atlantic,They are women,they are strong(Ild tell you why) ohhh why is that they have kinda been in the "Business" for a while and they are still keeping it together.
so leggo!

1) StellaDimokokorkus -Blog

Stella Dimoko Korkus / Gossip...It Only Happens Here!

Stella Is one verryyyyyy strong blogger she rides where some other bloggers do not dare thread..shes confident in her craft,shes compassionate and shes even motherly with her readers and relates with them on a personal basis.

Stella has under her belt years and years of Journalism experience as a matter of fact Stella was one of the Pioneers of Gossip Colums in Magazines. remember her from Encomium now??

Despite the fact Stella does not blog from Nigeria, you can be sure of her exclusives,she backs them up with facts and is never shy of apologising if she's ever wrong(Rarely happens i think)

Stella is never afraid to link back and credit other blogs that break a story or share an article that is not hers she always gives credit!

Stella Has been blogging for about 5 years keeping it steady and served hot like your local mallam serves suya even though sometimes we wanna go get some grilled chicken from the fastfood joints or supermarkets we all know no one does it better than your MaiSuya mallam.

 She is married with children and Blogs from Germany.

2)Vera Ezimora - Blog

Hmmmm Vera is one of the most opinionated people ever! she says and writes everything and anything..She never fails to remind readers that even though she puts them in mind she still runs the show..

Vera is a 9-5er,an MC,and a Radio host ehhh add Blogger extraordinaire to that. I stumbled on her blog when i watched her proposal video and I have kept reading even though I wish she could blog more often.

Vera is not afraid to write about anything ranging from sex,sexuality or even  and all those things we do not want to talk about..I mean she recently indicated that the most read post on her blog was about types of Vaginas so you see y'all read these things lol..

More when you continue..

Vera had been anonymous for a while until she showed us her pretty face,she's been blogging for over 8 years! (omg!) she is engaged to her IGWE, she lives and blogs from Baltimore USA.

Myne Whitman -

Myne is an award winning author and Blogger.Apart from also managing two two sites including Naija Stories,Myne has written lots of romance Novels. "A heart to mend and " A love rekindled"  are some of Myne's most prominent works  which are available on Amazon to purchase. focuses on love,relationships and general everyday Happenings with a dash of celebrity news and entertainment all in the mix.

Myne has blogged for more than 5 years. She is married and blogs from the USA.

4) Madame Sting -Blog

Errrr sorry no photo..Just like Vera, Ms Sting has been anonymous for most part of her 7 years of blogging..well except you follow her on Instagram.

Ms Sting is our Blogsphere Doctor In training..she documents and shares her Med School experiences including other general life experiences.

Ms/Madame sting is fiery,she's fiesty,takes no Nonsense,I mean do not dare cross your boundaries  lol.. but she still has lots of love for her readers..

With her bits of humour and experiences from the medical field Nigerianscorpio is a unique blog to visit (cmon put down the gossip for a bit! lol..)

Ms Sting also blogs from the USA.

5) StellaUzo Jadore Fashion - Blog

Stella's blog is one of the most visited Fashion Blogs in Nigeria and that photo above just says something! I mean who can carry off an almost 9 months pregnancy and still be that fly and then go from that to this... just a few months after giving birth...Fantastic!

Stella Is married and also blogs from the USA she has been blogging for 7 years!.


  1. My darling!!!

    Thank you for this feature! You know, I didn't even realize you blogged about us. I thought you just mentioned us on Twitter. Thank you so very much.

    This cracked me up: "She never fails to remind readers that even though she puts them in mind she still runs the show.."

    Loool! Whatever does that mean? Anyway, thank you for being a loyal Sweet Potato (yes, that's the name I now call my awesome readers). And I will try to blog more often. Ko easy at all.

    Thank you, sweetie :-)

  2. Awww you're welcome Vera..yes ohhh you the boss babe! No one dares forget that ohh lol..

    Yes you inspire me Vera and Yes you should blog more often bless bless!.. xx


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