Saturday 31 August 2013

New Video; African China "Ghen Ghen"..

Check Out African China's Brand new video "Ghen Ghen"

Hope you enjoy!

See Femi Branch's New Shots for Fashion Label Vodi.

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We've not really heard alot from actor Femi Branch lately but i just came across his shoot for fashion house VODI.... looking  all Dapper!
Nice shots...

More photos when you continue..

Alicia Keys Lately;Debuts new haircut..

So Alicia recently debuted her new ermmm bowl  haircut..(as all the celebs be cutting "Hairs" now lol..)

Lots of people have frowned at the new look with comments on blogs twitter and the general WWW..

See some funny reactions below..

Thursday 29 August 2013

Photos; See Emma Nyra's Gorgeous Photos..

I think Emma who is Iyanya's label mate is looking so pretty in these shots..Simple and quite Elegant..

Celebs out and about;Rihanna,Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher,Kate Moss,Nicole Scherzinger& Tamara Ecclestone..

Classic look: The Diamonds singer looked flawless in a pale peach tuxedo jacket, white shirt and blue jeans

Is that you RiRi?? Rihanna was photographed out for a restaurant  outing on Wednesday looking like this! I mean all covered up, you see RiRi..ermmm this is quite good and covering up does more good and no harm at all! and you still look very very gorgeous and beautiful please do this more often?? Thanks.. :) 

Where's the bling? Rihanna left her usual abundance of gold jewellery at home, instead favouring a few silver rings to match her diamond stud earringsWhere's the bling? Rihanna left her usual abundance of gold jewellery at home, instead favouring a few silver rings to match her diamond stud earrings

Chop it off! Rihannas's elegant pixie cut was marred by the 'rat's tail' mullet she has favoured recently

Lovers sojourn: Ashton Kutcher gave Mila Kunis a loving embrace during their romantic getaway in Beijing, China on Wednesday

Aww Love love love Ashton Kutcher and beau Mila Kunis were spotted out in faraway China on a romantic break.. awwww again.. :)
Sightseeing: After their loved up display, the couple went to go climb the Great Wall Of China

What drizzle: Even the rain couldn't dampen Ashton and Mila's romantic moment on a public street

Green with envy: Moss, 39, wore classic Vuitton at the gala launch in Tokyo, Japan

Supermodel looks: Kate Moss stands out at the Timeless Muses exhibition on Thursday, which opens on August 31 at the five-star Tokyo Station Hotel in Japan

Guess who? Kate hides her famous face behind a white mask at the launch

Supermodel Kate Moss was also spotted at a Loius Vuitton Launch out in Japan Loving that colour on her..

Stylish: She accessorised with red pointy heels and a pair of sunglasses over her face as she first arrived

Nicole Scherzinger photographed at the new Xfactor UK series Launch this week Looking gorgeous as usual Nicole never disappoints

And pose: The former Pussycat Dolls star is returning for her second year on the panel

Bright pair: Tamara and husband Jay both opted for brightly-coloured tops for their lunch date, with Tamara wearing an orange T-shirt and Jay in a yellow shirt

Formula one Heiress Tamara was also photographed out and about with Husband Jay Rutland this week.

Simple and Causal..Nice..
Relaxed: Tamara Ecclestone and her husband were dressed in relaxed, casual attire for their trip to a noodle restaurant

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Video;Watch Kwam 1's Daughter Honey B's Performance@ NottingHill Carnival 2013..

Honey B is Kwam1's Daughter who has also embraced music maybe not in her dad's genre but as she showed on stage at the Nottinghill Carnival some days back she holds nothing back when performing for her fans..

Check on it!

Actress Lola Alao's new Hubby is a fraudster ...Convicted In Kuwait for Credit Card Scam says E247..

Lola Alao and Ajibola Adewale Yakubu

See report  by E247 Magazine below..

A fortnight ago when star actress, Lola Alao, got married in far- flung Atlanta, United States of America, USA, to Adewale Yakubu Ajibola, the couple, literally, could not contain their excitement, writes BIODUN KUPOLUYI.  Lola was positively glowing in her creamy wedding dress while Yakubu sporting a bespoke grey suit, wore a disarming smile.

 Though not an opulent wedding, they exchanged marital vows, flaunted the marriage certificate and the pictures  that went viral online generated mixed reactions. There are fears too, solemn fears: Lola's new hubby is plagued with an ugly past - a credit card scam that kept him 'inside' in a Kuwaiti cell.

 According to an insider, this isn't the first time the 'Nigerian big boy' has been on the wrong side of the law.  His claim to relevance and easy bait for unsuspecting women who wanted love and affection, has been his American citizenship’s status and his dashing looks, a reference to what in Yoruba parlance is called Faworaja, (meaning a person who lives off his looks). When he was arrested in Kuwait for the credit card scam, Yakubu, was able to answer the police questions adroitly, but the authorities were not convinced of his claim that he was innocent.  A ring of 'scammers' had some months before his arrival, operated in the same manner and went away with their loot in the Middle East commercial city. Unsuspectingly, Yakubu walked into a booby trap. 

 While Wale YakubuAjibola, the Nigerian-born American citizen served terms for one year,  the Big Sam turned the other cheek. Lola, who is hell-bent on getting a husband, was not too lucky last year when her hatched plot to marry another Nigerian based in Europe was thwarted by her first husband, Dare Ogunlana,  who unleashed a media attack on her. 

 Meanwhile, Lola found a close ally in another actress, Bukky Wright, also married to a US-based Nigerian, Wale Onitilo.  Lola and Bukky seem to be best friends in real life because their chemistry comes through effortlessly. Since her marriage to US-based lover and car dealer, Dare Ogunlana, broke up, the Kogi-born actress has met a few men but she has not been quite lucky to have one of them put a ring on it.
 Bukky, we reliably gathered has been concerned and busy setting Lola up on dates with non-famous friends and some buddies of her current hubby. She wanted Lola to have her kind of relationship that will guarantee American citizenship status.