Sunday 25 August 2013

Big Brother Africa #the Chase curtains drawn Dillish Matthews emerges 2013 winner..

After 91 days of  cohabiting with over 20 something other people,the very pretty Dillish Mathews from Namibia came in from behind to take home the grand prize.

Dillish was probably not looked at as much of a winner,due to the other powerful characters, but she was very decent and maintained her dignity and pride throughout the competition.

Lets just say you can never go wrong with good Character,intelligence,decency and a good head on your shoulders.

Other finalists Beverly Osu came in fifth,Melvin Oduah 4th place,Elikem 3rd and Cleo 2nd.

Dillish goes home with a whopping $300,000 US dollars. 

Big Congrats to her

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