Monday 31 August 2015

Nollywood Divas Laide Bakare and Iyabo Ojo smile for the cameras..

Iyabo Ojo Laide Bakare

The two stars were recently photographed at a recent event in honour of Laide.

Good to see women in the industry supporting each other..

Iyabo Ojo #RHOL

And ohh wait! does Laide sing now??..

Rob Kardashian posts first selfie in months!

Rob has been so off the scene we almost forgot the Kardashian sisters actually did have a brother..

He's been battling with depression and weight gain and its good to see him coming out again and putting stuff on social media plus he does seem to have lost a bit of weight.. 

Redeem church suspends pastor for inviting Pasuma to perform at church concert!

I am not sure if there is indeed any truth in this as when this poster surfaced online some days ago I thought to myself.That must be photoshop!.

But it has now emerged that indeed Pasuma was on the roll-call for the crusade slated for October which has now reportedly been cancelled .I have nothing against Pasuma infact I listen to pasuma but for a church concert you cannot help but wonder ..

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) through its provincial headquarters cancelled the crusade because they thought the idea of Pasuma performing in the church was totally wrong. 

The pastor in charge has also reportedly been suspended am thinking wetin Pasuma sef wan go sing for there?!

Complaints trail Lags Lauryn Hill Concert;Singer showed for a 6pm show at in the morning!

After being a no show last year, Lauryn finally made it to Lagos Nigeria for a show at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

She however may not be playing any other show here as fans who went out to see her were disappointed .. 

According to reports, Ms Lauryn dint begin to perform until about the next morning when some of the concert goers had gone home in annoyance.

Some Fans said she did alot of spoken word poetry which is great,but she dint really serve the known songs that people loved her for and really came out to see.

At least if they waited that long, she should have at least served something good, but sadly that wasnt the case.

A funny comment I came across said what were we expecting when Nigeria decides to always  resurrects pensioners to come and perform .lol.. 

Lauryn isnt that old tho,and of course she's not alot still popular on the scene..

Anyways, its not all bad news, as Singer Waje got to meet her Idol Lauryn..  

Waje shares..

Just before the show started a beautiful lady walked up to me telling me how much she loved my music, in her words “we’ve been playing you songs in philly ” , this sister sang the chorus of No Be You and I was blown away by her voice, soon I realized she was Lauryns backup singer. 

My life changed last night. I cried when Lauryn was performing and thinking, in my life time I see woman wey I use her songs learn work!!!!! She killed it! She gave me music life! So I got home and next thing my phone rings “waje Lauryn wants to meet u? I ran back like I was going to collect the certificate that validates the school of music life I have been in since, she took my hand and I cried all thru…… I’m so sure I embarrassed her but i had to tell her how grateful I am. Thank you Lauryn for music…

 Long story short, do your own with diligence and authenticity and you will save lives, inspire people to reach their goals as she inspired many singers and musicians. I’m so honored. 

Former Akwa Ibom Governor Senator Godswill Akpabio hospitalised after Ghastly Accident!

Former Akwa Ibom Governor now Senator Goodswill Akpabio is said to have been involved in an accident which nearly claimed his life due to failure to obey traffic lights

The Accident which occurred along the Airport Road in Abuja this morning happened because Akpabio ignored traffic laws.

 Eye witness reports state that  Senator Akpabio was moving in a motorcade towards the City Gate when his vehicle ran into another car near the Bolingo Junction close to the Ship House.

“My wife and I were coming from the NNPC Mega Station and we stopped at the traffic light by Bolingo Hotel Junction. When the green light showed and we made to move, there was this siren blaring Mercedes Benz jeep that came from the town and almost crashed onto my car. I don’t know how we dodged but another that was behind the jeep hit the car behind me and tumbled on its side.

“I and my wife rushed out of our vehicle and helped the driver bring out his boss. When we brought him out, we found that it was former governor, Godswill Akpabio.

“At the time we brought him out, the siren was still blaring. We put him in the other vehicle and he was rushed to the National Hospital,” the witness told Premium Times.

He continued that Akpabio was badly shaken and was in a traumatic condition when he was brought out of the crashed vehicle, disclosing that the former governor was apparently rushing out of the city when his convoy beat the traffic and crashed.

The driver to the former governor, simply called David confirmed the accident to the online newspaper, adding that his boss was in stable condition. He however declined to speak on how the accident happened.  

Hmmmm... No one should be above the law! just a few minutes of impatience would have caused him his life! .We do hope he is in a stable condition and that he indeed learns from this experience..

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Mocheddah's Bikini bod is the Business!

Mocheddah in Andrea Iyamah

She shared this snap of her in this Andrea Inyamah cut out piece over the weekend..


Andrea Inyamah swimsuit collection

So Cynthia Morgan and Burna Boi have been kissing!

Its not like there's anything wrong if they kiss ohhh but if these two ever get together walahi too much ginger in one place lol..Am sure its for a music video jare.. 

When Ini Edo claimed she was cyber bullied because of her outfit

Ini Edo

I guess our celebrities should be used to this now you put anything out there it WILL be criticised! some will love  it and some wouldnt! The actress stepped out in this lacy blue jumpsuit first for the Africa Magic original movies event and then for Rukky  Sanda's  DARK Movie premiere over the weekend and people did not like her outfit which they said on her Instagram page she then came back to clap at them see what she shared below..  

"@oluchionuigbo you're a star absolutely loved my facebeat @marykoko you rock I loved my outfit.... I will continue to support and encourage talent. It really is sad that we have so many angry and bitter people around who thanks to social media have found release. It's so sad. In all a big shout out to all hardworking and positive people out there who wake up every morning with a purpose and a very positive mindset GOD will indeed bless the works of your hands but wait a minute! Cyber bullying and negativity might fetch money with proper planning and strategizing. If you fall in this category, source for sponsors and earn a living. #greatsaturdayadvisedontyouthink. Anyway off I go to make today count. Have a splendid weekend guys"

I dont think she should trivalise Cyber Bullying people face a lot more worse from being cyber bullied .People dint like your outfit Ini am sure you can live with that!

Photospeak;This is what happens when you come late for work in Fayose's Ekiti state!

So Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose got to their place of work earlier than the workers, waited for them and way way past their resumption time these workers(Civil servants) allegedly strolled in to work. Reports they say they are fond of coming late to work hence the Govenor plotting to o wait for them at wok .I know you are wondering and saying they are adults and why are the kneeling.. well much reason why adults should take their jobs seriously.I am sure even osun sate that is owning salaries still have people going to work how much more you who earns a salary.

Moral of the story if  story if you dont want to be treated like kids take your jobs seriously! and get to work on time! Maybe when Nigeria begins to pay salaries per hour we would begin to take manpower hours seriously!

MTV VMAS 2015 photos, highlights and full winners list

The 2015 MTV Video music awards held last night,Amber Rose and pal Blac Chyna branded themselves in words  like whore,slut,bitch,gold-diggers on their outfits well they wore it and left the house abi??  

Miley Cyrus who was host for the night turned up naked or nearly naked in all her outfits

Kanye West made up  with Taylor swift from the infamous 2009 Awards ceremony when he stepped up to receive his video Vanguard Award right before he declared to run for the president of the United states in 2020! All hail President and first Lady Kanye and  Kim lol..

The couple pose for the camera while their friends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can be seen laughing behind them

More photos photos  full winners list when  you continue..

At nearly 60 Kris Jenner shows off incredible bikini bod..

Kris is like cmon you kiddos show your bod lemme show mine! 

Kris "Momanger" Jenner recently showed of her Bikini bod at the beach on a recent vacation with her family.

She's photographed here with Kim and her hair/style person. I mean Kris is gonna be 60 in a year yes 60! and she's had six children! forget she may or may not have had work done I think she's still got a fantastic bod!


Sunday 30 August 2015

Nigeria's basketball team D'tigers make history beats Angola to be crowned African champions at the #AfroBasket2015

Yes Nigerians! STAND UP! Stand up and take a bow! we just made history! Our basketball team just emerged victorious at the 2015 African basketball championships.

Every year a certain country always stops us at the quarterfinals or the Semis but this year we beat Angola and we beat them good! ending the game on a score of 74-65  in our favour.

They are now set to fly the flag  in Rio 2016 #Oyashakitibobo! lol..

So Pretty! Tonto Dikeh's bride price paying ceremony photos!


Tonto Dikeh traditional wedding with Oladunni Churchill

It all started  codely  with Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh calling herself Mrs X! we all thought in Tonto Dikeh fashion it was a joke or something for attention but Indeed Tonto has become Mrs Tonto Oladunni Churchill AKA Mrs X as her hubby paid her bride price in a pre engagement ceremony.

And she looks so so pretty for her big day !

 Tonto Dikeh traditional wedding photos
Tonto Dikeh traditional wedding with Oladunni Churchill

 Congratulations Tontolet!

Another air mishap hits Nigeria's airspace! Airforce plane crashes into building in Kaduna Killing all 7 on board!

A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Dornier-228 aircraft crashed in Kaduna yesterday  leaving no survivors

The said the aircraft was heading to Abuja and had taken-off at about 6.45a.m before the fatal crash in Kaduna Killing all 7 people on-board including the pilot, co-pilot, two engineers and three passengers.

This is coming only a few weeks after a Bristow helicopter crashed in Lagos killing six people. 

 Condolences ..

Saturday 29 August 2015

Young at heart! Funke Akindele stuns in Roberto Cavalli

I hear the actress is going to be turning  up in various designer outfits for her birthday celebrations in the UK. She has had the  first leg in Birmingham and she choose Roberto Cavalli to party in!

She really looks so young and radiant you wouldn't think she was in her late thirties.She has indeed come a long way since her "I need to know" days

Number 3 on the way! Mercy Johnson flaunts baby bump as she celebrates birthday with Family

The actress who is expecting her third child celebrated her birthday recently with her husband and two kids

More when you continue..