Friday, 31 October 2014

Flawless like that;Beyonce steps out with no makeup..

The Singer was photographed out and about without any slap on..lets just say she still looks flawless!
Throwback: Beyonce paid tribute to the Seventies with a retro pantsuit and Farrah Fawcett 'flip' hairstyle for a date night with husband Jay Z in NYC on Wednesday 

She was also photographed heading out to dinner with Husband JayZ with very minimal makeup..Its good to let the face breathe Loving her tie and dye bags! Ohhh you dint notice?? she was carrying tie and dye purses on both occasions..

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Socialite Pretty mike of Club Uno 's Birthday cakes' photo is setting social media Agog!!

You know what they say about Money attracting the ladies?? well socialite Pretty Mike of Club uno celebrated his birthday and he got loads of cakes..I mean these photos are kinda trending @ the mo..

Why you say?? Have a look!..

The thing is there are so many "My Boo" My Love" cakes..In total I counted 18 cakes and the majority are the "My Boo" "My Love"

And guess what he even acknowledges them side chicks..see below..

So how many boo's and love's can only one person have?! Chai Chai Chai..Wow Wow Wow

Toke makinwa's Vlog of the week :Girl Code"

This week,Toke is addressing relationship amongst friends and each other's partners.

what's appropriate and whats going too far..

Check on it..

Chinedu Ubachukwu emerges Gulder Ultimate search #GUSTheMission 2014 winner

Chinedu Ubachukwu has emerged winner of the 11th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search.

Anchor Chidi Mokeme

Chinedu beat the two other finalists Cosy Joe & Afolabi Emmanuel to the ultimate prize by being the only person to complete the final task of retrieving the General’s War Helmet. 

This victory came after the 24-year-old graduate of Petroleum & Gas at University of Port Harcourt successfully navigated his way through the forest and managed to row his canoe across the heavy currents of Aguleri River.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Photos;Iyanya swaging it out in the UK

The Singer who has been in the UK for a while now rounding up his tour..couldnt hep but show us how swagalicious he can be..

More photos when you continue..

Becoming a "real" Woman?? Bruce Jenner rocks Pink Nail Polish

I guess its been obvious before now that Bruce is in touch with his feminine kinda no suprises..

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Photospeak;#StomachInfrastructuretins Goodluck Jonathan rice ahead of 2015

Well it says courtesy Tan?? who is Tan tho?? I mean who are the guys behind transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria? are they a charity organisation?? With what means are they getting financed considering the level of rally's media campaigns they've been doing so far??

Answers?? abi simply story or the gods??

Uche Ogbodo and baby girl share rare natural Selfie..

Awww.. a mother's love...but..Uche almost looks unrecognizable?? can anyone confirm thats Uche Ogbodo for sure??

Brand new Video;Burna Boy " Check and balance"

This tune kinda reminds me of some old school Shaba Ranks flavour..I think the video is good too plus did i just see a cute dog dance in this video?? check between 1.29 -1.32..or was that my Imagination?? lol..

Check on it!

Rihanna is sporty chic in red

The "Stay" singer recently stepped out for a restaurant outing rocking this Adidas sport gown.. Seems the Tattoo loving singer dint want the left over wine to go to waste.. lol..

Rihanna just kinda looks good in everything and anything.. #Iowniteverytime!

Photospeak; So Elvis Chuks has reaaaallly changed..

Elvis hit our screens becoming a soap favorite in popular soaps like super years back.

He has grown from an actor to a producer director churning out Award winning movies left right and center..

But thats not the only thing that has " grown" about Elvis..He's gone from that young hunk seen in the photo above to this..

Someone has sure been chopping life and alot of things that comes along with it.. and ohhh his pocket has sure "grown" in leaps and bounds what with him acquiring a brand new 2015 Range rover sport  setting him back millions of Naira recently

Change is the proper constant thing in sure you would agree with me that Elvis Chuks has sure CHANGED!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Former MR Nigeria Kenneth Okolie clears the air on controversial interview about being single and dating actresses -"I never granted such interview"

So earlier in the week some transcript of a supposed interview granted by Keneth Okolie surfaced online..

"Doyou have a girlfriend?

No, I’m single. If I had a girlfriend, that would have been difficult to answer but yeah I am single.

Why are you single?

Kenneth: I was in a relationship but it did not turn out well. We wanted different things.

So what’s your idea of an ideal woman?

Hmmm, I am a big Mercedes fan. I love Mercedes Benz so if God gave me a Mercedes Benz, then I would be happy. The latest C-class is not bad. Anyhow you want to do it, just send it to me. I don’t have a problem with it."

Keneth has cleared the air on twitter, I did ask him and he says he never granted such interview and is very much still in his relationship


So you see guys he never thinks bad  of actresses& that hot body Ogle all you want..burrrr it belongs to someone else Kenneth isnt single..

Actress Omoni Oboli and Husband celebrate 14 years wedding Anniversary!

14 years! waohh! not an easy feat..I say congratulations and many many many many more blissful years!

Ladies in White! Toke Makinwa,Kim Kardashian and Pokello..

White is just so peaceful..these beautiful ladies were photographed rocking varying degrees of white outfits recently..

My Pick is deffo Pokello on this one..Her gown looks like it could be balmian am not sure if it is but looks lovely..Toke too looks lovely.. young and free and happy lol..and of Course Kim as usual just wanted to show off some and more bootai! lol..


Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence have split just after 4 months of being together..

Well it seems Chris did come with a bit of baggage from the beginning I mean what was that "Uncoupling" ish with his ex wife?? are they seperated or not!  That may not be far from the reason why Jennifer reportedly split with Coldplay front man.

Save for him and Gwyneth also geting all cosy at her recent birthdy party guess it all became too much for Jennifer and the cookie crumbled before it could even bake..Yikes!

But at least someone looks happy!
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer photographed out and about after splitting from Chris Martin

Baby's day out! Mila Kunis,fiance Aston Kutcher and Baby Wyatt step out..

Hands-free: Gentleman Ashton ensured he did all of the heavy lifting as he and Mila left the restaurant

The Couple were spotted on a recent outing with their baby for the very first time since welcoming her..It amazing how women are getting back in to shape after childbirth these days..

Mila doesnt even look like she just had a baby some few weeks back... #Impressive

Man about the house: Ashton has recently been seen picking up food from local restaurants for Mila

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So was Wizkid really arrested in Kenya for smoking weed??!

Well that's according to a report by Kenyan publication Standard Media

"Visiting Nigerian singer Wizkid was arrested from his Nairobi Crown Plaza hotel room on Saturday afternoon and quizzed by police only hours before his flight back to Lagos. The arrest was in connection with allegations that he was caught smoking illegal substances.

he incident happened at around 1pm just as the Caro singer was checking out of his hotel room where he has been staying for a week, since his last week’s concert. According to our sources, Wizkid was caught smoking ‘weed’ inside the hotel in which smoking is prohibited. The hotel’s Front Officer asked him why he was smoking before the two got into a heated argument attracting security officers who ended up calling the police to arrest him.

Before police officers cuffed him and drove him to Capital Hill police station where he was quizzed, the hotel had already charged him with Sh50, 000 smoking penalty, which he paid through his credit card. Coming to his rescue was his newly found Kenyan flame Victoria Kimani, who followed him to the police station shortly after he had been arrested. Victoria had been with the singer at the hotel the previous day. Wizkid was due to leave for Lagos at around 3pm and was forced to cancel the flight due to the drama."


NO that tweet does not have anything to do with this story just some lovely people out in Kenya!