Friday 31 October 2014

Flawless like that;Beyonce steps out with no makeup..

The Singer was photographed out and about without any slap on..lets just say she still looks flawless!
Throwback: Beyonce paid tribute to the Seventies with a retro pantsuit and Farrah Fawcett 'flip' hairstyle for a date night with husband Jay Z in NYC on Wednesday 

She was also photographed heading out to dinner with Husband JayZ with very minimal makeup..Its good to let the face breathe Loving her tie and dye bags! Ohhh you dint notice?? she was carrying tie and dye purses on both occasions..

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Socialite Pretty mike of Club Uno 's Birthday cakes' photo is setting social media Agog!!

You know what they say about Money attracting the ladies?? well socialite Pretty Mike of Club uno celebrated his birthday and he got loads of cakes..I mean these photos are kinda trending @ the mo..

Why you say?? Have a look!..

The thing is there are so many "My Boo" My Love" cakes..In total I counted 18 cakes and the majority are the "My Boo" "My Love"

And guess what he even acknowledges them side chicks..see below..

So how many boo's and love's can only one person have?! Chai Chai Chai..Wow Wow Wow

Toke makinwa's Vlog of the week :Girl Code"

This week,Toke is addressing relationship amongst friends and each other's partners.

what's appropriate and whats going too far..

Check on it..

Chinedu Ubachukwu emerges Gulder Ultimate search #GUSTheMission 2014 winner!

Chinedu Ubachukwu has emerged winner of the 11th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search.

Chinedu beat the two other finalists Cosy Joe & Afolabi Emmanuel to the ultimate prize by being the only person to complete the final task of retrieving the General’s War Helmet. 

This victory came after the 24-year-old graduate of Petroleum & Gas at University of Port Harcourt successfully navigated his way through the forest and managed to row his canoe across the heavy currents of Aguleri River.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Becoming a "real" Woman?? Bruce Jenner rocks Pink Nail Polish

I guess its been obvious before now that Bruce is in touch with his feminine kinda no suprises..

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Uche Ogbodo and baby girl share rare natural Selfie..

Awww.. a mother's love...but..Uche almost looks unrecognizable?? can anyone confirm thats Uche Ogbodo for sure??

Brand new Video;Burna Boy " Check and balance"

This tune kinda reminds me of some old school Shaba Ranks flavour..I think the video is good too plus did i just see a cute dog dance in this video?? check between 1.29 -1.32..or was that my Imagination?? lol..

Check on it!

Rihanna is sporty chic in red

The "Stay" singer recently stepped out for a restaurant outing rocking this Adidas sport gown.. Seems the Tattoo loving singer dint want the left over wine to go to waste.. lol..

Rihanna just kinda looks good in everything and anything.. #Iowniteverytime!

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Former MR Nigeria Kenneth Okolie clears the air on controversial interview about being single and dating actresses -"I never granted such interview"

So earlier in the week some transcript of a supposed interview granted by Keneth Okolie surfaced online..

"Doyou have a girlfriend?

No, I’m single. If I had a girlfriend, that would have been difficult to answer but yeah I am single.

Why are you single?

Kenneth: I was in a relationship but it did not turn out well. We wanted different things.

So what’s your idea of an ideal woman?

Hmmm, I am a big Mercedes fan. I love Mercedes Benz so if God gave me a Mercedes Benz, then I would be happy. The latest C-class is not bad. Anyhow you want to do it, just send it to me. I don’t have a problem with it."

Keneth has cleared the air on twitter, I did ask him and he says he never granted such interview and is very much still in his relationship

 So you see guys he never thinks bad  of actresses& that hot body,Ogle all you want..burrrr it belongs to someone else Kenneth isnt single..

Actress Omoni Oboli and Husband celebrate 14 years wedding Anniversary!

14 years! waohh! not an easy feat..I say congratulations and many many many many more blissful years!

Baby's day out! Mila Kunis,fiance Aston Kutcher and Baby Wyatt step out..

Hands-free: Gentleman Ashton ensured he did all of the heavy lifting as he and Mila left the restaurant

The Couple were spotted on a recent outing with their baby for the very first time since welcoming her..It amazing how women are getting back in to shape after childbirth these days..

Mila doesnt even look like she just had a baby some few weeks back... #Impressive

Man about the house: Ashton has recently been seen picking up food from local restaurants for Mila

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Monday 27 October 2014

Beyonce partners with Topshop for new Athlectic/activewear Brand

    Beyonce partners with Topshop for new Athlectic/activewear Brand 

Pop Diva Beyonce and the high street fashion house Topshop are set to team  up to create Parkwood TopShop Athletic Ltd to produce a new global athletic street-wear brand' which will include clothing, footwear and accessories.

Aiming to fuse fashion and technical performance, the company will produce ranges for dance, fitness and sports which will be sold at TopShop stores from Autumn 2015.
 According to Topshop - "We’re joining forces with the one and only Beyoncé to launch a sports and activewear label! Launching in 2015, the 50-50 partnership will offer clothing, footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sports  meaning you’ll be able to channel a bit of Sasha Fierce from the gym to the dance floor!"

Talking of the collaboration Bey said, “I could not think of a better partner… I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking. Working with its development team to create and produce a technical and fashion-led collection is exciting and I’m looking forward to participating in all aspects of this partnership.”

Anyone looking forward to this??

Photos;Wizkid and BooTania Omotayo party it out at Hennessy artistry club party


With celebrity Stylist Sarisignature

This one smiling at Tania let Wizkid catch you!

The Couple with Tuface Idibia

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Wag Alert;Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen flaunts bikini bod on Barbados getaway..

Some of the benefits of being a wag include countless vacations within a year.Coleen has been on more than 5 vacays this year!

She was recently photographed out at the beach in Barbados.Nice Bod for a mum of two!

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Age is just a number! Dame Helen Mirren named new face of Loreal Paris at 69!

Success: Dame Helen, who has previously described aging as the ‘adventure of life’, has found a new level of success late in her career

Age is indeed just a number and women should sure embrace ageing gracefully.

Helen Mirren is the oldest face of the cosmetics brand so far..with stars like Cheryl Fernadez Versini and Jane Fonda also on the ambassadorial train for the brand..

I love Helen's movies and she sure looks great!
Because she's worth it: Dame Helen Mirren is unveiled today as the new face of cosmetics brand L'Oreal

Is Ibinabo Fiberesima already married?? here's why that may be so!

Well seems they are all playing a fast one on us.The Last time AGN president called him Fiance but it seems they've gone past that.. plus now we even have a name to him lol..

Love is indeed beautiful congratulations Ibinabo! 

Baby Bump and a glow;Uche Jumbo stuns at movie premiere..

If there is anything by making people look the other way Uche has done that till now properly hiding and disguising her bump that people started questioning if she was ever pregnant.

And when she was ready to show it to the world this was how she did it!

She is sure glowing!

SPB Food;About when Jamie Oliver cooked Jollof rice..

Jollof rice recipe
Jamie Oliver's Jollof rice

I love Jamie Oliver,he's one of my favorite TV chefs.

I watch all his shows - 30 mins meals,15 mins meals,his christmas specials, and even his international food fight which he takes on with bestie Jimmy.

 He's so down to earth, hands on with his kids,and cooks with a lot of NATURAL flair!

But this past week, Jamie's Ghanaian Jollof rice kinda almost became the most talked about dish on the internet.

He published a recipe on his website which he claimed to be Ghanaian Jollof rice..

Now I sincerely dont know alot about Ghanaian cuisine, but the Nigerian Jollof rice that I know kinda looks like this..


Just as with any kind of food or recipe there are always different ways and your own take on a recipe but people werent having Jamie's Jollof recipe..

some comments read..

"What the hell is this. I am a west african woman, and I find this extremely offensive. You have taken years of my west african culture and slaughter it with your makeshift recipe. Bye"

"No no no this is joll- NOT rice. For shame. My ancestors did not die for this nonsense. First Marco Pierre white with his nonsense 'rice and peas' now this?

What's next? pounded yam made with SMASH."


"Nutmeg gini!! Which kind place uses NUTMEG in jollof. Sir, just admit your mess up and rename this thing. Nonsense rubbish"

"Coriander, parsley and lemon wedge? You done craze we don't use that crap and we blend our tomatoes and peppers not eat it whole."

"Where is the curry powder, thyme, crayfish powder and maggi cubes? Chai Diaris God o."

"Don't put twist to centuries of tradition stick with your English food before I send Shango, Ogun and Obatala to smite you shio"

"Jamie Oliver and people manning this website or blog the thunder that will fire you is doing press a Nigerian I think my Ghanian brothers and sisters will agree when I say KWASIA kmt

Leave our dishes alone"

Gosh!! All these comments really cracked me up lol..I mean Jamie tried with a little research on the Ghanian people and how they had Jollof rice but he seemed to have fallen short on their recipe..

But he sent out his own comment too on just putting his own twist on Jollof rice..

see that below..

"This is Jamie's twist on Jollof rice, which as it says, the feature can differ from nation to nation, "some using coconut milk, others nutmeg or other earthy spices, some use partminger (an African basil leaf) and some even use Rooibos tea" 
Lots of Jamie's recipes are inspired by traditional recipes but with his own twist and style. This is his interpretation of a brilliant and well-loved recipe. 
Let us know what you put in yours!"

Guess that's settles it then,it's Jamie Oliver's own spin on Jollof rice 🤷‍♀️

Sunday 26 October 2014

Photos Actress Chita Agwu weds Malaysia based boo John Maduabuchi

We told you Here! when the actress got engaged and she recently wedded her Malaysia based boo at the weekend..

more photos when you continue..

Would Tiny Harris one day be on the 50 worst surgery mistakes show? permanently changes her eye colour through surgery

Tiny Harris Eye surgery

So we all watch those shows right?? 50 plastic surgery mistakes,50 botched surgries bla bla bla..

Most times those things are not fixable or some lucky enough for something to be reconstructed and all..

For me I am not in anyway against plastic surgery and I do not entirely support it either but in some cases some people need it to make their lives better,easy and get back on their feet maybe after an accident or a life changing procedure..

Say you feel Inadequate about your breasts,you can afford it, you go get it done No I will not judge you. Youve had kids and want to feel young again you go get a breast lift no I will not judge you. You've had bow legs you want to correct them No I will not judge you..

But you damn messing with your eyes!! like WTH! I mean I have never worn contacts ever! I never even have the courage to put anything in my eyes.. The first time I ever had fake lashes was such a battle I was just saying the grace. 

I once watched an episode of those botched this that and some lady was putting diamonds into her eyes by the waterline I couldnt just look WHY! would anyone then want to change the colour of their eyes?? I dont know how the procedure works but at least some work has to be done like INSIDE the eyes!

Well singer Tiny Harris,TI's wife,has had a recent procedure to change the colour of her eyes and well thats permanently!

Fans were asking questions and then she opened up

The post has since disappeared from her Instagram page .She deleted it after alot of backlash..

I think its a lovely colour that Ice gray,but! thats why there are loads of contact lenses in different colours so you dont have to tamper with delicate organs like the eyes for no pressing reason like just not liking the colour...#myopinion