Monday 27 October 2014

SPB Food;About when Jamie Oliver cooked Jollof rice..

Jollof rice recipe
Jamie Oliver's Jollof rice

I love Jamie Oliver,he's one of my favorite TV chefs.

I watch all his shows - 30 mins meals,15 mins meals,his christmas specials, and even his international food fight which he takes on with bestie Jimmy.

 He's so down to earth, hands on with his kids,and cooks with a lot of NATURAL flair!

But this past week, Jamie's Ghanaian Jollof rice kinda almost became the most talked about dish on the internet.

He published a recipe on his website which he claimed to be Ghanaian Jollof rice..

Now I sincerely dont know alot about Ghanaian cuisine, but the Nigerian Jollof rice that I know kinda looks like this..


Just as with any kind of food or recipe there are always different ways and your own take on a recipe but people werent having Jamie's Jollof recipe..

some comments read..

"What the hell is this. I am a west african woman, and I find this extremely offensive. You have taken years of my west african culture and slaughter it with your makeshift recipe. Bye"

"No no no this is joll- NOT rice. For shame. My ancestors did not die for this nonsense. First Marco Pierre white with his nonsense 'rice and peas' now this?

What's next? pounded yam made with SMASH."


"Nutmeg gini!! Which kind place uses NUTMEG in jollof. Sir, just admit your mess up and rename this thing. Nonsense rubbish"

"Coriander, parsley and lemon wedge? You done craze we don't use that crap and we blend our tomatoes and peppers not eat it whole."

"Where is the curry powder, thyme, crayfish powder and maggi cubes? Chai Diaris God o."

"Don't put twist to centuries of tradition stick with your English food before I send Shango, Ogun and Obatala to smite you shio"

"Jamie Oliver and people manning this website or blog the thunder that will fire you is doing press a Nigerian I think my Ghanian brothers and sisters will agree when I say KWASIA kmt

Leave our dishes alone"

Gosh!! All these comments really cracked me up lol..I mean Jamie tried with a little research on the Ghanian people and how they had Jollof rice but he seemed to have fallen short on their recipe..

But he sent out his own comment too on just putting his own twist on Jollof rice..

see that below..

"This is Jamie's twist on Jollof rice, which as it says, the feature can differ from nation to nation, "some using coconut milk, others nutmeg or other earthy spices, some use partminger (an African basil leaf) and some even use Rooibos tea" 
Lots of Jamie's recipes are inspired by traditional recipes but with his own twist and style. This is his interpretation of a brilliant and well-loved recipe. 
Let us know what you put in yours!"

Guess that's settles it then,it's Jamie Oliver's own spin on Jollof rice 🤷‍♀️

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