Sunday 26 October 2014

Would Tiny Harris one day be on the 50 worst surgery mistakes show? permanently changes her eye colour through surgery

Tiny Harris Eye surgery

So we all watch those shows right?? 50 plastic surgery mistakes,50 botched surgries bla bla bla..

Most times those things are not fixable or some lucky enough for something to be reconstructed and all..

For me I am not in anyway against plastic surgery and I do not entirely support it either but in some cases some people need it to make their lives better,easy and get back on their feet maybe after an accident or a life changing procedure..

Say you feel Inadequate about your breasts,you can afford it, you go get it done No I will not judge you. Youve had kids and want to feel young again you go get a breast lift no I will not judge you. You've had bow legs you want to correct them No I will not judge you..

But you damn messing with your eyes!! like WTH! I mean I have never worn contacts ever! I never even have the courage to put anything in my eyes.. The first time I ever had fake lashes was such a battle I was just saying the grace. 

I once watched an episode of those botched this that and some lady was putting diamonds into her eyes by the waterline I couldnt just look WHY! would anyone then want to change the colour of their eyes?? I dont know how the procedure works but at least some work has to be done like INSIDE the eyes!

Well singer Tiny Harris,TI's wife,has had a recent procedure to change the colour of her eyes and well thats permanently!

Fans were asking questions and then she opened up

The post has since disappeared from her Instagram page .She deleted it after alot of backlash..

I think its a lovely colour that Ice gray,but! thats why there are loads of contact lenses in different colours so you dont have to tamper with delicate organs like the eyes for no pressing reason like just not liking the colour...#myopinion

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