Tuesday 21 October 2014

Photospeak;Just believe me when I say Renee Zellweger's surgeon is a magician!

I havent really watched alot of Renee's movies but her bridget Jones diary roles was kind of like her trademark,she was funny,quirky and her face kind of really sold the character well in my opinion

So how on GOD's own green earth can somebody transform from this...

To THIS!!! I dint even recognise the woman!

ELLE's 21st annual Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday

So chic: The Bridget Jones star hit the right note with a black knee-length dress with sheer embroidered back and sleeves

Modelling: The actress turned around to show-off the intricate cut-out detailing down her back

Dear Surgeon whoever you are ohhh rise up and take a bow ohhh plus badge #Magician of the year! Dynamo,David Blaine and them guys have so got nuffin on you! Christ!

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