Saturday 30 May 2020

Now that Forbes has said #KylieJenner is no longer a billionaire!

Kylie was there on her own doing her thing,running her business and being a mum..

Literarily nobody asked Forbes..They came and said...

Then Nobody asked them at all,they came again and said..

I mean ... even Kylie is shook!Lol..

Kylie is like!! You saying I am a liar?!!

Let's read through some of what Forbes wrote on Kylie being a liar to achieve the prestigious forbes billionaire status.

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner sold half of her cosmetics company in one of the greatest celebrity cash-outs of all time. But the deal’s fine print reveals that she has been inflating the size and success of her business. For years.

More than a decade into their fame, the Kardashian-Jenners tend to induce eye rolls and sighs among jaded media consumers. But when it comes to their wealth, even critics of reality TV’s first family are intrigued; the Kardashian-Jenner machine and the cash it generates has been the subject of articles, podcasts, even books. But no one cares more about the topic than the family itself, which has spent years fighting Forbes for higher spots on our annual wealth and celebrity earnings lists.

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Friday 29 May 2020

#BBNaija's Kimoprah stuns in Red!

Kim was so unlucky not to last on the show,but it seems she's been making her mark at the filming of the reunion..

This was one of the looks she rocked which I guess we would see on TV soon.

And did she rock it?!


Khloe Kardashian shows off new face!

So Khloe Kardashian shared these images a few days ago,and she set social media ablaze with fans saying it seemed like she stole some one's actual

Khloe Kardashian latest photos and news

They say they know Khloe and she's definitely had a lot of work done on her face..

Errmm fans..she's a Kardashian..they kinda do things like that..

Nicotine Pouches!

Every box of cigarette reads "Smokers are liable to.. well you know the rest..

As with every habit,smoking,drinking,people are often thinking of the best less option,the healthier option or even quiting totally..

Smokers have so many options these days..Nicotine patches,tobacco leaves,Swedish Snus,nicotine pouches and so much more..

Let's talk about Nicotinue pouches,shall we?!

 Nicotine is a natural stimulant extracted from the tobacco plant itself . This is packaged and packed into pouches that would be smokers savour and enjoy gently without combustion.

Nicotine pouches are white pre-packed, tobacco-free nicotine substitutes that are used instead of smoking. Key word Tobacco free..

It is used by placing a pouch between the upper or lower lip and gum, with the  flavoured nicotine substance slowly dissolving in the mouth.

 Since Nicotine Pouches are white, there is no need to worry bout stained teeth, a challenge smokers often have to deal with.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Toke Makinwa's Vlog of the Week - Ghostmode!

This week,Toke is talking about relationships and ghosting.

Boy meets girl, they start talking, all seems to be going in the right direction and BOOM! he disappears...

Well not literally, but he stops communicating and leaves girl wondering what happened. Sounds Familiar? 

Check out this week's vlog below..

Monday 25 May 2020

Stephanie Linus launches Hygiene First ; A campaign that seeks to put hygiene at the center of our national culture!

As people and nations around the world grapple with the new reality of Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19), Stephanie Linus is inspiring a long-term and purposeful lifestyle change among Nigerians to stimulate personal and community hygiene as a tool for preventing person-to-person transmittable diseases.

The campaign which is titled “Hygiene First – My New Habit” is an attempt to drive the conscious awakening of good hygiene habits among people and communities in Nigeria and get Nigerians to take responsibility for their personal and community hygiene.

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Watch; #Youtuber,Jennie Jenkins shows off #Homeware haul and designer bag collection in new videos..

She usually does beauty,but this time,she's taking us into her home.

First with her homeware haul and then her designer bag collection..

Have a look!


Designer Bags

Sunday 24 May 2020

I’ve not remarried, Mercy Aigbe still part of me –Lanre Gentry

Days ago,news it that Lanre Gentry, the estranged husband of actress and businesswoman, Mercy Aigbe, had married another woman after he shared pictures on social media that suggested so.

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, Gentry clarified that the woman in question was his brother’s wife and not his new lover as many had assumed.

 He said, “Who said that I have a new wife? A lot of people just make assumptions based on my Instagram posts. The lady that I referred to as my wife is my younger brother’s wife. 
She lives in London with her family. 

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Saturday 23 May 2020

Veteran Actress, Patience Ozokwor poses with her children..

Patience Ozokwor Nollywood latest photos and news

Mama G flanked by her lovely children..

My twins come before my music career – Emma Nyra

Singer, Emma Obi, better known as Emma Nyra, has said her twins are more important to her than her music career.

The 31-year-old ‘Jamina’ crooner who has been off the radar for a while spoke to PUNCH recently saying.. "Being a mother affects my career 100 per cent because all my choices are based on the wellbeing of my twins, Alexander and Alexandría. 

They always come first and my career is second to their needs. At times, it could be quite difficult to balance but I always make it work. Thanks to my strong family support system.

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#BBNaija2020: Big Brother Naija 2020 is coming!


Well seems Covid isn't stopping big brother's house from converging..

The organisers who are looking at a July start date,say they have put all measures in place to ensure safety of housemates,staff and crew..

With audition strictly online,no studio audience and wittled down crew they say they believe the show can go on!

So aspiring housemates, go audition and give us a show this year..

Let's go BBN!

Toke Makinwa reviews the movie Extraction in new Vlog!

Toke talks about one of the popular movies released this year..

She dissects and analyses some unanswered questions in the movie..

Have a look..

4 times #PrincessDiana and #KateMiddleton were #Style twins!

Princess Diana Kate Middleton copy cat looks

4 times Kate Middleton sought out the late Princess Diana for some style inspiration..

times Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were style twins

4 times Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were style twins

Amazing how very eerily similar these looks are..

Continue to rest in peace Lady D!

#SGIT's Sharon Ooja in stunning new photos.

#SGIT Sharon Ooja fashion and style looks

Sharon's fans are never in lack of her,as she regularly shares stunning images of herself with fans across her social media pages..

We bring you some of her recent images..

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Friday 22 May 2020

Mercy Aigbe shows off brand new Benz addition!

It raining good tidings for the actress turned entrepreneur who just joined the #Benzgang after so much persuasion as she calls it..

Mercy Aigbe latest photos and news

Congratulations are in order!

Swedish Snus!

With Covid 19 hitting the world at large and smokers looking for ways to protect their lungs,there has been a boost in other tobacco alternatives like Snus.

Swedish snus is a tobacco filled pouch that you consume by putting under your upper lip. It's a very traditional product in Sweden. 

Snuff(Not to be confused as snus) precursor of snus according to reports,was introduced to France by a French diplomat who recommended it as a migraine remedy.

It then became a fashionable trend among the court and upper-class citizens of France, especially among females, as it was deemed more socially acceptable than other forms of tobacco.

This trend spread to Sweden at the beginning of the 17th century. In the 18th century, Swedish producers however began to manufacture moist snuff, which was placed in the lower lip and did not require spitting hence giving birth to Snus.

 Ettan (meaning "the number one"), registered in 1822, is the oldest brand of snus still sold.

The Swedish snus moist and smokeless tobacco is sold either as a moist powder known as loose snus, or prepackaged into pouches known as portion snus. 

Africa Now! Tiwa Savage,Davido and Mr Eazi cover billboard magazine latest issue!

Three of Africa's biggest music stars are gracing Billboard this month!

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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Dating Secrets! Watch a new episode of #LoveIsBlind Couple,Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton's #HangingWithTheHamiltonsVlog!

In this Vlog,the very popular couple are answering questions and sharing dating secrets..

Have a look!

#UltimateLoveNG Winner,Rosie Afuwape gets car birthday gift from fans!

Seems it is now a tradition for reality stars to get car gifts from their fans.

The stars with huge fan bases tend to be the ones to benefit from such largesse.

Well Rosie's case isn't any different.

Winning the show alongside her partner Kachi,their massive fans came together to bless her with a brand new Lexus jeep as she turned a year older this week.

Rosie and Fiance,Kachi

Congratulations are in order..


Monday 18 May 2020

Tiwa Savage and Davido's children,Imade and Jamjam participate in viral #FruitSnackChallenge!

Tiwa Savage put her son and his bestie,Davido's daughter,Imade to the test in the now very popular #FruitSnackChallenge.

How did they fare? Were they patient enough?

Have a look!

Awww cute cute!

#SerenaWilliams in powerful shots for #StuartWeitzman!

Serena Williams puts in her power,positivity and femininity for a recent Stuart Weitzman campaign..

Stuart Weitzman says Serena embodies timeless elegance and stands as a pillar of hope and optimism. #SerenaWilliams #StuartWeitzman #SWWomen

All shot before Rona of course!

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Damilola Adegbite celebrates 35th birthday!

The Actress is celebrating turning 35 today..

35 and ALIVE! 

She says..

Happy birthday!