Friday 29 May 2020

Nicotine Pouches!

Every box of cigarette reads "Smokers are liable to.. well you know the rest..

As with every habit,smoking,drinking,people are often thinking of the best less option,the healthier option or even quiting totally..

Smokers have so many options these days..Nicotine patches,tobacco leaves,Swedish Snus,nicotine pouches and so much more..

Let's talk about Nicotinue pouches,shall we?!

 Nicotine is a natural stimulant extracted from the tobacco plant itself . This is packaged and packed into pouches that would be smokers savour and enjoy gently without combustion.

Nicotine pouches are white pre-packed, tobacco-free nicotine substitutes that are used instead of smoking. Key word Tobacco free..

It is used by placing a pouch between the upper or lower lip and gum, with the  flavoured nicotine substance slowly dissolving in the mouth.

 Since Nicotine Pouches are white, there is no need to worry bout stained teeth, a challenge smokers often have to deal with.

The pockets of nicotine are to be used like chewing tobacco, but the contents in the nicotine pouch stay inside during use, so users do not need to spit.
No smoking,no spitting,no combustion!

Nicotine Pouches are beneficial to both smoker and people around them as they can be used discreetly without exposing people around them to second hand smoke.

These pouches often contain natural fibers, nicotine, and chew base filler. 

Nicotine Pouches are often mixed up with Snus,but the major difference is that Snus contains actual tobacco leaves while nicotine pouches don't.

Nicotine pouches also have an extended shelf life resulting in the consumer being able to savour it longer hence consuming less and less product over time. 

Just like Snus Nicotine pouches also come in a variant of flavours to choose from like lemon orange,mint,lime and lots more..

With so many brands creating new innovative products to combat smoking,Nicotine pouches have been regarded as a possible replacement mechanism to encourage smokers to quit for good!

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