Saturday 23 May 2020

My twins come before my music career – Emma Nyra

Singer, Emma Obi, better known as Emma Nyra, has said her twins are more important to her than her music career.

The 31-year-old ‘Jamina’ crooner who has been off the radar for a while spoke to PUNCH recently saying.. "Being a mother affects my career 100 per cent because all my choices are based on the wellbeing of my twins, Alexander and Alexandría. 

They always come first and my career is second to their needs. At times, it could be quite difficult to balance but I always make it work. Thanks to my strong family support system.

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“Last year, I was honoured to perform at a sold-out show in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I have also performed in the US with artistes such as Wizkid,Iyanya,Tekno Davido and many more..Being in America provides me with that unique opportunity.”

Nyra also revealed that she had to get a personal trainer to get back in shape after her pregnancy. 

“In order to get back in shape, I had to get a trainer and completely changed my diet. It’s still a work in progress to return to my pre-pregnancy weight but I want to encourage women to maintain a routine after giving birth. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be extremely challenging when one has children to take care of as well,” she said.

The ‘For my Matter’ singer maintained that she wasn’t worried that leaving Nigeria would negatively affect her fan base. She said, “It’s true that male artistes are more popular than their female counterparts. For now, the music industry is male-dominated but females like me are working to change the narrative. 

There are many extremely talented female artistes and every day, we strive to have our voices heard. I believe that every year the situation gets better than the last. I have not relocated to the United States of America, but I am able to perform there. I was not worried that leaving Nigeria would affect my fan base.”

On some of the lessons that have helped her music career, Obi said, “There are many mistakes that are made in haste because as artistes, we are mostly consumed with our music. But I would encourage artistes to remember that it is business first, so don’t let anyone take advantage of your craft.

“The most invaluable lesson I have learnt is to make sure that before one signs any deal, one should have a lawyer look over all the documents thoroughly. As an artiste, you should also make sure you own all the rights to your music.”


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