Saturday, 31 October 2015

Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin Traditional wedding photos..

Lots of  ceremonies for these two (Click to refresh photos from their)  introduction, and  court registry, Plus the traditional with the white wedding still to hold November 1st.

We say congratulations once again.. Lilian sure looked beautiful!

More photos when you continue..

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tosyn Bucknor would sure make a lovely bride! Check out her first wedding makeover trial photos!

Popular On Air Personality Tosyn Bucknor would be walking down the aisle with her French Boo Aurelien Boyer and of course having a top wedding planner sibling in the person of Funke Bucknor of  Zapphire events isnt for fun! 

She recently had her brudal makeup trial with master of the game  Banke Meshida of BMPRO and she looked Fabulous!

Instagram media by tosynbucknor - Waiting on the pictures from Banke like... Lol  Meantime... @Regrann from @banksbmpro -  #tosynbucknor 💞💞💞 has the most #AmazingSkin 😳😳😳. #taut #smooth #shiny #baby skin #spotless. I told her to bring a #wig she told me it was against her #JahRastafaraiEthics. 😂😂😂 I'm like #Joker! But I love her locs☺️. #pink! #bmproVelvetlipstickinGOTH #bmpropinkpeonymoisturisinglipstick #bmprono45powder @tosynbucknor @funkebucknor @zapphaire_events #loading #WeCantWait!! #Regrann

Banke says..

#tosynbucknor . Our #bmprobride -to-be. #makeup trial with me. Not because she doesn't trust me, but because we wanted to #beformal. Lol. Tosin has the most #AmazingSkin . #taut #smooth #shiny #baby skin #spotless. I told her to bring a #wig for the trial she told me it was against her #JahRastafaraiEthics.  I'm like #Joker! But I love her locs and think she will make a #finefro #bride sha️. #pink!  @tosynbucknor @funkebucknor @zapphaire_events #loading #WeCantWait!!

We sure cant wait! Congratulations  to Tosyn and Boyer!

Instagram media by tosynbucknor

How to Swag it out in all black;Yvonne Nwosu style!

The designer recently  stepped out in this all black look. Not really easy to pull off an all black head to toe look but she sure pulled it off!. 

Swag for days huh??

Christians can now go to Nite clubs thanks to Julius Agwu! set to open Christian Niteclub Believers Lounge!

Not actual image

Me I dont know maybe they have been going before ohhh lol..but sha..Christians can now go to Nite clubs thanks to Julius Agwu. Well Julius Agwu wants Christians to have their own nite club..

 The Comedian in a recent chat with Citypeople  said that he has re-dedicated his life to God after surviving a brain surgery.

He says God has given him a second chance to life after he was pronounced dead by doctors after a seizure he went through and was going to lead a practical Christian life from now henceforth.
 Hence he would be opening a Christian nightclub at Lekki a choice area of Lagos very soon! 

The name of Julius Agwu’s club according to reports will be Believer’s Lounge (The Tabernacle).

He says  there will be no alcohol and smoking in his lounge.

ohhh waohh so will you be stopping by at Julius Agwu's Christian Nite club when it opens shop?

When Kylie Jenner toned it all the way down and looked like a normal teenager!

Kylie Jenner isnt a normal teenager,how man teenagers her age even live in their own houses and earn so  much! well she's often accused of wanting to grow up too quickly and yes I do agree! I mean how cute does she look in the image above without the layers and layers of make up and she always has on..

Compare that with the snap below she took with Caitlyn whom she still calls Dad even though Caitlyn says in his mind that him ohh he is a woman ohh.. 

Instagram media by kyliejenner - Early birthday lunch with @caitlynjenner Happy birthday dad what an amazing year for you.

Or This one below from a  shoot..

Instagram media by kyliejenner

Kylie sure needs to embrace her less is more look,she looks way better  without all the filter in the first image and yes the face needs to  breathe sometimes too!

Its Bravo for Knorr Taste Quest Season 3!!!

Knorr Taste season 3 review

Its been a while we had a post on food so this is a bit on time. I had a previous review for Knorr taste quest season two and considering that post is one of the most read posts where some readers commented on me criticizing them too much I think its fair to do an update and review of the season three now that we think they did well.

Besides most of the suggestions we gave were  kinda followed so wouldn't we be immodest if we don't write what they did better with season three by taking our suggestions  abi ke lol..

 So lets look at 5 things we mentioned that the guys at Knorr taste quest(KTQ) corrected  on the recently concluded season 3.
Knorr Taste season 3 review

1)The female judge;

Season two had 3 judges but season 3 had only two! looks like somebody got fired  we arent killjoys but we kinda saw this coming as the female judge/chef seemed very out of place,seemed unhappy half of the time and often gave the contestants uninspiring comments.

We hate to say we told you so! but we dint see her returning for a new season and she dint instead the organizers had guest judges come in weekly, even gave some food bloggers a chance to guest judge That I think  was great this season!

2) The Presenter!

Errrmmm yep we called oit again this time but just like a certain political party's slogan says Change! and yes change gon come!  hehehe..Thats what happened in this case we talked about the show not really needing a presenter,Guess he want really cut out for this kind of presenting as popular OAP Manny who was the presenter was replaced!

Cool FM's Manny was replaced by Marian Anazodo Nee Arthur .

For us here this was a very pleasant change even though we thought the show dint need a presenter Marian proved her worth making the show lively with her laughter and calming the contestants down with her down to earth approach.

Need we say Marian is one of our fave TVpresenters since presenting movies music and more on Nta 2 Channel 5 before getting married to Sports presenter Charles Anazodo,welcoming twins and then maintaining a family.

 We sure were grateful for the change Knorr  taste quest brought on our screens this season  AS Marian was in her full element.

We Loved this  #Change!

3)The Tasks!;

We talked bout the tasks last season being pretty basic!.the theme this year was the Masterclass. we dint see a lot of classes yes,they said they were looking for a MASTER but they did follow some of our suggestions,they took the cooking outside,did some  market/supermarket runs,cooked for fans,the tasks were tougher and interesting and yes they did Fillet a fish!!which we suggested!

4)The Judges toned it down!

Yea we said last season the judges were  a bit tough especially Dr Roberts,we think he toned it down this season,Someone still needs to be tough yes but it was the right dose this season.

Chef Fregz was in his usual element and the judges sure made the show all together enjoyable like Dr Robert asking a contestant if he grew the banana he served because he virtually did nothing to it and dint transform it in anyway meaning anyone else could have gone to the store he went to also buy the same Banana and present

 5)Production quality went up a notch!

We think the show's production team did a good job with picture quality,camera angles and the likes and considering they filmed outside and even  had a supermarket dash we sure think the production team did good and the episode structure was rearranged and more enjoyable .

  And ohh we had to squeeze in a sixth!  our best part of the new season.. 

 6)The Theme song!

 We arent sure if there was a theme song  for seasons 1 and 2 but this new theme song we absolutely loved! ~Toss it,stir it,crumble! Knorr!~

And do we need to add we were delighted on who won,even though one of our favourite contestants from season 2  Victor returned,he dint win it but he made the top five.

DaviesObiekea eventually emerged this year's master beating four others to the crown

Knorr Taste season 3 review
Davies Winner Knorr taste Quest season 3

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale review
Dapo Lambo Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Dapo Lambo Ist Runner up

Tunji Onisarotu Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Tunji Onisarotu  2nd Runner up

Victor Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Victor came in @4th

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Balogun 5th place

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants

Knorr Taste Quest  season 3 Winners and prizes

 Knorr taste Quest season 3 was not perfect but they sure improved! so we say Bravo! and cheers to a better, much more refreshing season 4!

Joseph Benjamin and Sylvia Nduka are coverstars for House of MaliQ Latest Edition

Actor,Presenter Joseph Benjamin and Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur Sylvia Nduka are the coverstars for the latest House of MaliQ Magazine edition..




More photos from their spread when  you continue..

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Actress Stephanie Okereke Linus welcomes baby boy!

Ohhh what great news! The Actress and her hubby who got married in 2012 in one of Nigeria's most glamourous celebrity weddings yet has welcomed her  1st child.

She shared the news on Social media with the Caption All Glory Belongs to GOD!

Yes Indeed! Stephanie All Glory Indeed belongs to the Almighty 

Huge congratulations to Mrs and Mrs Linus Idahosa!

Breaking! Election petition tribunal nullifies the victory of Nyesom Wike as governor of rivers state!

The Executive Governor  of Rivers state and Ex Education minister has just had his mandate revoked as the courts have nullified the Election that saw him sworn in as the new Governor of the oil rich state.

A three-man elections petitions tribunal in Rivers state nullified the election of Governor  and  has ordered fresh elections to take place in 90 days. 

The  3 man team led by Justice Ambusa  disclosed that the elections conducted on April 11 2015  substantially flawed as it was marred by violence.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Adultery Scandal! Apostle Anselm Madubuko denies Allegations;K Solo's wife also denies involvement

Revival Assembly top pastor  Apostle Anselm  Madubuko is presently embroiled in a sexual scandal involving a popular church member who happens to be top producer Ksolo's Ex wife
 Kikelomo whose divorce from the music producer played out on the pages  of newspapers and all over social media and online platforms.

 The story emerged yesterday that the top pastor allegedly knelt down in front of his congregation this past Sunday to ask for forgiveness for dating Miss kikelomo for close to 3 months.

It has now emerged that the whole situation was misconstrued as the pastor only felt for the for the young lady considering what she has been through when she began to attend the church and  the fact she presented herself as a prayer warrior who had the gift of prophesy.

Kikelomo reportedly began to turn her praying department upside down and was expelled from the Church.  

 Pastor Anselm who remarried after his late wife passed on has however refuted claims of  Adultery and infidelity on his part

 In a statement released  

He said..

''I never apologised for Adultery.Its a wicked demonic world.I dont know where that came from.We had an issue in Church cos i was away,It involved Our intercessory department and I ended up expelling one Pastor who heads the department and also a female member of same department but it had nothing to do with Adultery,Its just crazy and how the person who started it got the story is still a mystery but I leave that person to my God!''

Kikelomo has also spoken up about the Allegations..

 "I really do not know where all these stories are coming from.. People have been calling me asking about this story and why I haven’t been in church for sometime. Yes I was suspended from church! But adultery? It was never about adultery; I was suspended from church but I wasn’t the only one who was suspended. I am in the prayer department of my church and the HOD of that department was also suspended. The church decided to suspend us because of reasons best known to them. The thing is, that department was suspended including my pastor who heads the department”

I have made up my mind never to attend that church again, because the church of God does not belong to any man but God. I believe no Man of God has the right to tell members of the church not to come to church again. I have spoken to Pastor Anselm and in his word, he would sue anyone carrying false story about him confessing to adultery, they must apologize to all parties mentioned…It didn’t happen! Thank you.”

Guess that settles it IT DIDNT HAPPEN!

 Pastor Anselm remains married to his Kenyan songstress wife Emmy Kosgei if Kikelomo's prophesy that the pastor married wrongly will come to pass remains indeed a mystery!

and ohh well Kikelomo continues on her journey of prayer warrior-ism and prophesy as she heads to another church. 

Kikelomo and K Solo when the going was good!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry drags man to court over stolen phone!

Actress and Fashion entrepreneur Mercy Aigbe is in the news not for her work but for reportedly dragging a certain man to court over theft of a blackberry phone worth close to 400,000 Naira. 

A report circulating over the Worldwide web which hast been confirm states that 

 Mercy Aigbe appeared at the magistrates’ court complex, Ogba, Lagos in case over her missing phone on Wednesday October 21st!.

The Police arraigned a man named Adenowo Idowu, 38, on a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing Aigbe’s BlackBerry Passport phone valued at N370,000 on October 19, 2015 at 10, Adeyemi Akapo Street, Omole, Ojodu in Lagos state.

According to police prosecutor, Corporal Una Michael, the defendant conspired with one other person at large to commit the alleged crime punishable under sections 309 and 285 of the criminal laws of Lagos state.

When the charge was read to him, Adenowo pleaded not guilty.

His counsel, Akintunde Salami leading Mrs. E.N Ubekile pleaded that the court admit the suspect to bail in the most liberal terms; Mr. C.O Alonge appeared for Aigbe.

The presiding magistrate in Ikeja Court 12, Mrs. A.O Gbajumo asked if any item was recovered but the answer was in the negative.

The police prosecutor did not object the bail application. But he informed the court that his three witnesses, Aigbe, the IPO, Woman Sergeant Helen Olawoyin were present in court.

Mrs. Gbajumo granted bail to Adenowo in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties in like sum. The case was adjourned till November 11, 2015 for mention. The suspect will be remanded in prison until bail conditions are met 


Celebrity friends,Tekno,Lambourginy and more join Sarah Ofili as she celebrates birthday at Kirikiri prisons

The model and socialite took time to visit the Kiriki prisons women's wing to celebrate her birthday and show love to the inmates and of course some celebrity friends were in tow..

She says..

Thank you to all my friends that came out to support my birthday visit to The Women's Security Prison KiriKiri. God bless you all! I love and appreciate the love n support!  #SarahCares  

And how Stunning is this portrait of her?!

Khloe calls off divorce with Lamar as Kardashians turn up to celebrate pregnant kim @35

The Kardashians have had afew tough days as one of their own Khloe had to be by ex husband Lamar's side to nurse him back to life after his overdose tragedy.

Well that title my well now be reversed  back to HUSBAND Khloe has decided to give their love another chance since Lamar has now swore never to do drugs ever again!. 

The 31 year old reality star and her beau reportedly asked  their lawyers to discard the papers they earlier signed and trash the divorce proceedings! 

Waohhh isnt that a  Lovely happy ending? Happy for them two. #Love wins! 

So wasnt surprising when Khloe dint show for her sister Kim's birthday.

Kanye west threw a surprise party for renting out a whole theathre at the Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas for her to see a movie for her birthday.

Kim shared on instagram

 "My husband never ceases the amaze me! He rented out the entire movie theater to screen the new Steve Jobs movie (which isn't even out yet! It's sooooo good BTW) and had all of my family & close friends come dressed up as their best pregnant Kim look (fake baby bumps provided on arrival!) Not sure if that was to make me feel less huge or just a fun cool theme but I loved it & had the best time ever, feeling so very comfortable eating churros with a bunch of pregnant women! Just what I needed, the perfect chill yummy food birthday!!!!"

In a movie mood: The couple were taking in a screening of a movie then attending her birthday lunch after

Happy birthday! Kim Kardashian celebrated her 35th birthday with a secret party thrown by Kanye West; here they are seen on Wednesday on their way to the bash in Thousand Oaks

 Kendall,Kylie Accompanied by Tyga,Mum Kris accompanied by toyboy Corey Gamble,kourtney and err former step dad now Caityln were all  out to celebrate with Kim.
A vision in white: Kendall Jenner looked every inch a model in a daring outfit that consisted of a knotted T-shirt and skinny skirt with strappy black heelsA vision in white: Kendall Jenner looked every inch a model in a daring outfit that consisted of a knotted T-shirt and skinny skirt with strappy black heels

She is the third wheel: The 19-year-old Vogue darling did not have a date but instead went with Kylie and Tyga

More photos when you continue..