Monday 29 September 2014

Superwoman for real! Designer Toyin Lawani lists all her businesses..

Waohhhh Toyin is just so hardworking! I never even knew she owned Amaladotcom ...waohhh waohhh how she manages it all under one umbrella which she calls Tiannah's empire I still cant tell.. it must be aloooooot of work and with 2 kids I say Kudos to toyin! 

Ehen oya sharply drop me cheque for this advert ohhh Toyin lol..

Photos; Meet Mr and Mrs Clooney!..George Clooney and Wife Amal step out together for first public appearance after wedding

The Hollywood Alister got married to his Lawyer beau Amal Alamuddin  in a star studded ceremony on Saturday in the beautiful city of Venice..

The Couple showed up and waved to fans as they made their first public appearance as husband and wife.

They cruised in a lovely vintage boat which I am sure would totally cost a fortune..its just really exquisite!

And ohhh Amal's dress, its a Giambattista Valli 2014 dress.. the detailing is just it!totally love it!

We dont have photos from the Nupitals yet but we would make do with this till they are ready to share..yes we are patient like that isnt it so?? 

More photos when you continue

Ladies in Black! Uche Ogbodo and Uche Iwuji strike a pose..

 These two have alot in common,they both bear the same names, both have children,are both actresses and coincidentally are both wearing black in this photo.

The two actresses have been in the news recently sadly not because of their work or movie roles but their relationship woes..

Uche Iwuji split recently from her Husband due to infidelity claims and well Uche Ogbodo's split from her husband can just rightly be put as Complicated! as she came out to say after a month that she wasnt really married or that she was just engaged and that she only did the traditional wedding and this and that.. ermmm dont bother your head just too complicated if I say so..

Just simply admire the beautiful ladies in Black.. 

Sunday 28 September 2014

Doris Simeon once again opens up- Daniel Left me and ran away with my Son

Daniel,Doris& David when the going was good..

I know alot of people have been saying Doris has been the one speaking and talking about this breakup and that she should move on. I would have kind agreed but there is a child involved! Her son! 

Daniel reportedly lied and took her son away from her..Thats wickedness! leave her all you want but do not deprive her of her son for 4 years fa! Naaaaaaa..... pls if talking is what will keep him on his toes and bring back her son then keep talking Doris..

Excerpts from a recent punch interview below..

"What have you been up to lately?

I have been busy with my duties as a DSTV ambassador, as well as an ambassador for the National Open University of Nigeria. Moreover, I have a beauty salon at Ogba, Lagos. My mother was into the business before she passed on. I wanted to establish a salon for her before she passed on. I have a passion for skill acquisition and aside getting a salary, I advise people to acquire a skill. Since my mum is gone, I do not want to kill the dreams and the shop was open for almost a year.

Do you still have time for your programme on DSTV?

Yes I do. The Faaji Extra can have many episodes recorded and can run for up to a season or two. Don’t forget that I am also an actress and I still carve out time to take on jobs. I would say it is a passion and since I decided to go into acting, I have not looked back.

Davido and Habiba Sinare an Item??

Davido seems to kinda not really date Nigerian girls or he just loves Ghanaian girls,he's been with how many now?

Well seems he's now entangled with Ghanaian beauty queen Habiba Sinare are they an Item only time will tell..

Saturday 27 September 2014

Photos; Proud grandparents Bill and Hilary Clinton share bonding moments with grandaughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

The proud grand parents couldnt hide their joy on meeting their grandchild.Their only daughter charlotte welcomed a baby girl with her Husband Marc Mezvinsky yesterday and she has already been named after her mum Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky..


Awwwwww.. but is it only me who finds the Mezvinsky name abit cr -eeee- py.... I mean wouldnt it kinda remind them of "Lewinsky" everytime or wouldnt it?? ohhh it wont...yea its just me over-thinking shey??

Congratulations to the new parents and of course elated grandparents Bill and Hilary! 


Businessman extraordinaire; Tony Elumelu shows off his Five Girls!!

The Heirs Holdings boss shred the snap as he headed out to Vacation with his kids with the caption "Vacation with my girls"

I am thinking the 2 girls in blue may be twins..they look kinda identical..yea??


Is this the wedding dress with the longest train in the world?!

Chinese Jing Mei's wedding dress train on her wedding shoot was stretching almost 3,000m behind her. The 3 mile long train weighs 50kg, and to get anywhere, Jing needs the help of 40 bridesmaids! Kilode!

The dress  reportedly cost the couple  a pricey £4,000 and they are hoping to have it verified as the longest in the world by the Guinness World Records..

Hmmmmm... at the rate marriages are dropping like badly stacked cards these days. you would think there isnt any need for all the extravagance but hey its their day! so....

Its raining splits and divorces in celebville!l British model Kelly Brook breaks off engagement from David Mcintosh,Randy Jackson's wife also files for Divorce

I dont get whats happening these two were still recently on vacation together in Greece and then a week or two later the engagement is called off??! Kelly had been engaged like up to 4 times and I was rooting for her this time amidst reports David was using her to up his celebrity status..

Daniel did celebrity big Brother this year and yes his profile has risen being in Jennifer Hudson's video and and all his celebrity profile has definitely risen! So should we say the reports on using Kelly were true??

Kelly has been linked with Thom Evams,Jason Statham,Billy Zane and many more..

Divorcing: Erika Jackson has filed for divorce from her husband of 18 years, Randy Jackson, it was revealed on Friday

And Ohhh Randy Jackson's wife Erika has also filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences.

I just dont get whats happening with celebs these days! Y'all go chill mehn!

Friday 26 September 2014

My cleavage is better than Yours! Kim Kardashian Vs Kanye West

So I know I have been talking about this couple alot lately but hey they are NEWS!lol..

So Kim and Kanye were heading for a fashion event and I guess kanye was like Damn! this gurl you take the limelight too much..

So they came in Like this and Kim was still getting all the attention..So Kanye was like cmon! I can show some skin too! grabbed a scissors and went berserk on his clothes..

And this is what you get..

Kanye with ripped clothes showing of his own cleavage too! Yikes!

The Gorgeous Mo Abudu is our beauty of the day!

The EbonylifeTV boss is Still very Gorgeous at 50! Bellisimo!

Image Via;

Dabota Lawson is not Happy;Calls out Blogger StellaDimokokorus for posting about her Fiance Sunny Aku

In Stella's defence I think every blogger or well most bloggers in Nigeria did that story like I did Here! its was the first time she was stepping out with her older fiance,she put it on social media so am sure she dint think bloggers wouldnt "Jump" on it! you dangle it we grab it simple!

You love him and thats all that should matter not what other people are saying I think..

So my Favourite Celeb Couple Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks have split!

'It was so damaged after Idol': The six-foot starlet also displayed a variety of big hairstyles with her massive mane, which she worked hard to regrow

So in love: Singing couple Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo took their PDA to the glossy pages of February's Glamour for a romantic photo spread showcasing four date looks for the lovebirds

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I really loveeedddddddddd these two together.. I gushed about them Here! and Here! but sadly they've gone and broken up :(

He even said his song Marry me was about Jordin she even starred in it..what went wrong we may not know they seemed so in love..

They say their breakup is civil and they would still remain friends..

In the meantime I will console myself with this marry me video while I go on my knees for their reconciliation.. lol..

Thursday 25 September 2014

Amber Rose addresses Divorce and cheating reports "I never cheated,wiz did "I am devastated and crushed but my focus is my son"

Are they really divorcing?? well she left that out but only addressed the rumours going round that they are splitting cos she cheated or he cheated or they both cheated..


Amber is obviously implying that she never cheated and it was Wiz who did..Figure!

With a lil bit of Plaid! Kim Kardashian steps out with Beau Kanye West in Paris!

Trend-setter: Kanye wore a low-key ensemble wirth a khaki coat and embellished jeans

Bra-vo! Kim Kardashian arrived at the Givenchy offices in Paris, France on Thursday wearing an open plaid shirt

I love plaid cos it kinda seems never to go out of Fashion I fell in love with plaid since I was ten I told you about my Plaid love Here! 

Kim stepped out in Paris with Hubby Kanye West in  in Paris recently I mean I wonder why Kanye likes to walk behind.. it must have something to do with wanting to watch your "Property" from behind yea?? isnt it?? He's always behind her sha..

Anyways enjoy more of Kim in her plaid shirt paired with a black highwaisted flared trousers which I am loving too!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Toke Makinwa's vlog of the week - Ask Toke series- "Sexual Abuse"

Photo;Actress Iyabo Ojo also rocks her own Pixie cut look

Everybody is going short hair these days time for the weaves to take a back seat I guess..

Say it isnt so! Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa only a year after getting married!

TMZ Reports-

"Amber Rose has filed for divorce from husband-of-1-year Wiz Khalifa ... and she's gunning for full custody of their kid 

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ ,cites irreconcilable differences.

Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian. She's willing to give Wiz visitation. 

And this is interesting. Amber acknowledges there's a prenup, which you would think would work in Wiz' favor, but she says it's valid ... presumably, she's not challenging it. The docs say the prenup provides spousal support.

As for why they split, there's been a buzz over the last few days of infidelity, but there's no mention of it in the papers.

Sources connected with the couple say the split is bitter."

Who woulda thought it! they seemed so in love and I remember her even telling Wendy Williams she was happy to have "escaped" Kanye West.. but it seems it all went wrong with Wiz Khalifa and may have hooked up with new manager Nick Canon

There's some connection though if its true she's hooked up with Nick, then its just all some recycled stuff,cos Nick's been with Kim Kardashian  who's now with Kanye West and Amber's been with Kanye West..~Sigh~

JoyIsiBewaji writes;"What it means to be a Nigerian woman"

Joy isi bewaji is back again with another piece.

Her writing is so sharp,often times relating to real issues and our society.

Joy  bewaji
Joy isi bewaji

Oh dont even start with me on Joy's humour.. witty with a bit of pun and sarcasm all wrapped up..

Tuck in!


"The Nigerian woman is a peculiar being…

To be a Nigerian woman, you can’t get too angry. You’ll never be able to get rid of that label no matter how many smiles and triumphs follow after that one time you matched a subordinate’s disrespect word-for-word once you got fed up of hearing him say, “I have a wife like you at home, you know!”

From that day forward, you shall shall henceforth be labelled “the angry black woman” who is perpetually embittered with the world. When people hurt you, you are expected to smile, wish God’s love upon their lives and take the whole episode in with warmth and calm. No more.

More when you continue..

Photo;Dabota Lawson steps out with Fiance Sunny Aku,Gushes about her love for him..

The Beauty queen and supermodel turned business woman stepped out with her Fiance Sunny Aku at the recent Sujimoto Event that held in wheatbaker hotel in Lagos.

Dabota has recently veered from the entertainment scene trying her hands in business ranging from event management to public relations likewise her Fiance who is a major player in the furniture business in Nigeria.

See more of her Vonne Couture dress below..

Awwwww...incase your wondering PSA= Prince Sunny Aku. 

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Photo:Beyonce once again proves her bump was real and she was indeed pregnant with BlueIvy

I think we've all kind of even forgotten those allegations but Beyonce recently shared another photo of her husband cradling her belly when she was carrying blue Ivy just to prove naysayers wrong..

We get it Bey YES your bump was real!

Beyonce shares bare baby bump photos

Beyonce shares bare baby bump photos

Brand new Video Iyanya "Mr Oreo"

Deffo MTN Project fame's biggest export so far! Iyanya combines the genius of Selebobo on the beat plus his sexiness to bring this one home...

Check on it!

Photos; Supermodel Cara Delevingne in shoot for accessories brand John Hardy

Cara Delevingne is without a doubt one of the worlds top models. With her prominence on the runway and her trademark full eye brows she has stamped her feet on the modeling scene!

She recently stared in a shoot for Jewellery and accessories brand John Hardy where she had to pose nude..

More shots when you continue..

Brand new Video; Wizkid "In My Bed"

Is it me or Wiz is virtually loosing bite??  On this one am not feeling the song nor the video..

But Have a look..

Its definitely on then! Jennifer Lawrence and beau Chris Martin pictured together for the first time stepping off private JET

These two have been so discreet with their relationship which reportedly started sometime around April just after Chris seperated from wife Gywneth.. The totally avoided being photographed together..

Well lets just say the Paps finally got they were recently photographed stepping out of a Jennifer's private Jet together..

The Coldplay frontman is said to be so smitten he has been writing loads of songs for her and treating her to lots of romantic trips..