Monday 29 September 2014

Ladies in Black! Uche Ogbodo and Uche Iwuji strike a pose..

 These two have alot in common,they both bear the same names, both have children,are both actresses and coincidentally are both wearing black in this photo.

The two actresses have been in the news recently sadly not because of their work or movie roles but their relationship woes..

Uche Iwuji split recently from her Husband due to infidelity claims and well Uche Ogbodo's split from her husband can just rightly be put as Complicated! as she came out to say after a month that she wasnt really married or that she was just engaged and that she only did the traditional wedding and this and that.. ermmm dont bother your head just too complicated if I say so..

Just simply admire the beautiful ladies in Black.. 

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