Saturday 6 September 2014

"I did not just wake up and decide to open a night club";AY(AYO) Makun opens up on his 200 Million naira club MVP

AY and Wife Mabel

Ay(AYO) Makun is one of Nigeria's well placed comedians. He is however diversifying and looking to pitch his tent business wise with the Lagos night scene..

Here's what he said about the extravagant amount reputed to have been invested in the new luxury lounge in a recent punch interview..

“I don’t know about whether I spent 200m on my night club, so no comment. MVP is my baby and so those that are ‘rumouring’ should also provide the name of the person who I am fronting for. The setup cost is only revealed to partners and investors.


“ I did not just wake and decide to open a night club"

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This type of investment is not the type that is entered into with sleepy eyes. We did a proper feasibility study of the market and saw that there is a viable opportunity for sustained business and that is why we decided to embark on this venture.”

On his soon to be released movie 30 Days in Atlanta AY says..

“I was once a regular face in Nollywood around the 90s.I had been doing movies in the past but some people still think I have just begun starring in Nollywood. 

I starred in Live Wire alongside Jim Iyke and in Zeb Ejiro’s movie, Tears in Heaven among others. I am not new in Nollywood. Many do not also know that I studied Theatre Arts and majored in directing,” he notes

 30 days in Atlanta, was a way of contributing to the growth of the Nigerian film industry. 

“The main idea was to recreate the Akpos character on The AY Show’s `Who Wants to Be a Billionaire Segment’. It is a comedy which chronicles the hilarious adventures of two cousins from Nigeria, who are given a 30-day holiday package to Atlanta,”

The movie stars Ramsey Noah and Hollywood actress, Vivica Fox.

On which pays more acting or Comedy?? 
“ I really do not know as I am in the process of finding that out. I am a businessman who needs to break into new grounds as long as it is in line with entertainment. That is why I have a place where they can come and relax after the show, while I give them satisfaction and value for their movie.”

On his Journey to Success:
“I don’t like talking about this. But, yes, I spent nine years in the university but not as a failure as some people may assume. But I had to set my priorities right. It was tough I had to joggle so many jobs to make ends meet. I also had to cater to my siblings and I was a victim of different circumstances on campus.”

Would AY consider politics?
“You do not put your hand in the mouth of a lion because you see your colleagues doing the same. Those who have indicated interest in vying for political positions must have weighed the pros and cons before deciding to do so. I have also weighed the pros and cons and my ministry has not moved to that site yet.”

Photo shots of the interior of AY's Luxury Lounge MVP.

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  1. 200 milla? Money dey this naija o. Lord remember us biko.
    Well done blognalista shallie.

    1. Amen ohhh Make GOD remember us all..

      Thank you dear..


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