Sunday 21 September 2014

Adorable? or a baby not allowed to be a baby?Chacha Eke celebrates daughter's 1st birthday with makeup infused photoshoot

I find a bit difficult to talk about issues around children, I mean children thats what they are!

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke and her director hubby recently celebrated their daughter's first birthday,and it was accompanied by a photoshoot for her..

I must commend the lil girl on her poses at just a year old but was makeup and the wigs necessary? I am sure she will just have been as cute without it all..

What are your thoughts though?? 

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Chacha EKe daughter


  1. Honestly? I don't like the pictures one bit. I mean this is one beautiful baby, but the wigs and costumes ruined it all. Made her end up looking like a tiny adult. If she was dressed like a baby, we would have been looking at better pictures here.

    Well, it's none of my business though.

    By the way, she kinda looks like Dame Peshe.

    1. Exactly! lets let a baby be a baby.. and ohhh who's Dame Peshe??

  2. Nonsense!!, this is ridiculous. Why the wigs, make up? She's an adorable little girl and should be potrayed as a child.

    1. I agree with you she should be potrayed as the pretty lil girl she is it just all kinda became ridiculous as you put it..

      Thanks for stopping by dear x


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