Monday 12 August 2013

Video;Ghanaian Actress Joselyn "the body" Dumas falls on stage trying out Media Personality Denrele Edun's Quirky shoes

Ghanaian actress and TV presenter Joselyn Dumas,tried to rock some "Denrelified" Shoes.. ermmm some boots.
At the Channel O live in Accra Ghana last nite,Joselyn kicked off her shoes and got into eccentric presenter Denrele Edun's shoes  in a game of  ‘truth or dare’.

According to reports, Joselyn chose to dare Denrele, which resulted in him asking her to take off her shoes. 

Joselyn was then made to wear Denrele’s heavy boots and then went ahead to try and  dance in them, and off she went straight for the floor..

She even joked about it on Twitter,talk about being a good sport.. 

Ok now have a look at how it all went down..

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