Friday 23 August 2013

Its all over!! Lanre Nzeribe and Monalisa Chinda call its quits +all the details on why they ended their year old relationship..

Monalisa Chinda and Lanre Nzeribe fight

One was tagged a serial celebrity dater often targeting much older rich and vulnerable women and the other a lovable actress whom had just survived an abusive marriage and and divorce.

So these two got together and everyone feared,were scared that one way or the other this was not supposed to be and they assured us it was love and they were together for the right reasons.

Well sadly its all gone pearshaped and the cookie has crumbled as the two are said to have gone seperate ways.

Stella Dimokokorkus reports that the  cause of their break up is down to confirmed infidelity hauled at Lanre,which made Monalisa walk out of the relationship.

Aside from the infidelity,the duo had a business venture which Monalisa felt was not fair on her as Lanre demanded to have 70percent and give her 30percent even though her name was to be named after the wasn't fair for him to use her name and cheat on her.

Monalisa walked out and Lanre is like a woman scorned and has been threatening to release a press war on the actress who has kept quiet for fear of what people would say.

The once sugar coated relationship between the two have gone sour and the man whom Monalisa referred to as her ''best friend'' months back in an interview has become her worst enemy as they are no longer on talking terms and all hell threatens to break loose ....soon.

Socialite Lanre Nzeribe has vowed to deal with Monalisa for walking out on him and this might get messier by the day.

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