Friday 16 August 2013

Kourtney Kardashian Paternity Mess Update;Mason is confirmed as Scott Disick's son..

Real life drama: Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick are seen leaving a lawyer's office after it emerged that the reality star is the subject of a lawsuit after a male model alleged HE is the father of her child

So the Kardashian Clan can now rest easy now after DNA results revealed that Scott is actually Mason's father after a certain model (Michael Girgenti) had accused Kourtney of keeping his child away from him.

Legal bid: Michael has launched a legal bid for a court ordered DNA test in the first steps towards a custody battle over Kourtney and Scott's son Mason
Michael Girgenti

 Kourtney, who has always denied Michael's allegations, told E! News: "After three-and-a-half years of lies being spread by an individual I met briefly at a photo shoot, I am setting the record straight that Scott is Mason's father.  

'While it saddens me to have to address these ridiculous lies - especially when the truth was never in doubt - this story must be put to rest"

For more on this story please read more over @Dailymail

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