Tuesday 8 July 2014

Celebrities too have wedgies! British Model Kelly Brook caught freeing her wedgie in public!

Photos Kelly brook frees wedgie in public

Incase youre not familiar with what a wedgie is ,yes its that thing that happens when your bum eats up your clothing and then you adjust when no one is looking. To be more specific its when you pull out the clothing from that enclosure thats threatening to eat up your clothing lol.. someone I know calls it #patahasiminidi  lol!

So that was what Kelly was caught doing in public am sure she dint know photogs and Papz were lurking somewhere as she was only going about her own business out and about with Fiance David Mcintosh..

Well it just shows celebs too are humans and they want to be free sometimes too..

Photos Kelly brook frees wedgie in public

Photos Kelly brook frees wedgie in public

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