Thursday 10 July 2014

Photos;Kim Kardashian and sister Kendall step out with other models in Balmain outfits out and about in Paris

Arrived: The group make a formidably fashionable appearance at the Vogue Foundation gala

She's the big sister: Kendal Jenner towers over Kim Kardashian as they get ready to go out at Balmain showroom

Kim Has been rocking alot of Balmain pieces lately and Kendall joined her as they stepped out in pieces from the brand in Paris recently 
Kim named them #Balmainarmy

Would it be safe to say with the way Kendall is already Towering over Kim she just might be ending her sister's modelling career... I mean If I were a designer and Kim and Kendall were equal on the same level of popularity who would I drop for the other?? Your guess is as good as mine!

more when you continue

Ladies man: Olivier certainly would be making an entrance at the Vogue dinner with these women

Three times a charm: Kim has been wearing those criss cross sandals all day

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