Saturday 12 July 2014

So is Tania Omotayo Nigeria's Own Karrueche Tran??

Y'all Know the drill..Chris is young,Wizkid is young..

Chris is hugely successful musically and careerwise just like Wizkid,

Wiz and Chris have been with other women we know i.e  Rihanna and Sola Ogudugu

Wiz and Chris both started music at a very young age..

Yea yea you see Chris and Wiz are similar abi??

So Tania and Karrueche are now celebrities right?? because they were or are with Wiz and Chris

We dint know them before their relationships became publicised so we cant really actually call them celebrities.. their claim to fame is by being with popular musicians yea?

Both Ladies have both leveraged on the popularity to do something in Fashion Karrueche a fashion Line and Tania a boutique..

They have both talked about their relationships on social media,Twitter,Instagram and the likes.. even when their men hardly post stuff about them..

They have both been dumped several times by their men for their former loves.. and then came back together again their relationship has kinda become  today together-not together-together again-never together-then together again-again-and again-and then not together and then together. Yikes!

So you see Tania Can as well be called our own "Karrueche" who always finds her way back to her "Chris"!

In other news she has this message for us all..


  1. Wizkid please go back to ur baby mama she's the one for u

    1. Are you sure?? lol..

      Thanks for reading..


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