Thursday 3 July 2014

Ohhh No You didnt! Rihanna poses with Baby Niece while Topless!

Rihanna has been sharing snaps of her and her niece whome she is clearly besotted with.The Last time she carried her niece with a very rude caption on her tshirt..lets say the baby cannot kuku read abi..

And now this! I mean I Love my Nieces to bits! but would i pose with them topless??? haba lets leave some bonding for the Mum fa!

What do you think of Riri's too close for  comfort pose with her niece?? 

In love: Rihanna, 26, gently kisses the baby girl on her nose in another snap with the caption: 'smells brand new'

Can't get enough: Pop diva Rihanna has had some down time in-between tours and seems to be focusing on family

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