Sunday 6 July 2014

Video; Us Goalkeeper Tim Howard blocks Fan who gets too close&tries to hug him

So Tim was the Last line of defence for the US team in their round of 16 match against Belgium.
Even tho they lost,Tim was recorded to have saved a record breaking 16 shots! his performance was Epic! even though some still say it was nothing compared to other keepers in the 2014 world cup like Ochoa and even our Enyeama..

But lets just say back home in America everybody wanted a piece of Howard and this lucky fan couldn't let him pass by without a hug..I mean even after Howard obliged a handshake,dude still wanted more and went in for the full frontal hug but Howard still had his #blockeverythingcomingyourway cap on..


Lol..In other news Tim is all kinds of cute..errrr sorry hot is the word!

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