Sunday 13 July 2014

Kim Kardashian's Ex Reggie Bush Marries her lookalike Lilit Avagyan and Step Brother Brody Jenner attends!

Major Shade?? Minor shade?? or proper shading?? lol.. So Brody Jenner and Girlfriend dint attend Step sister Kim's wedding( oops there's been three!) to Kanye West because he kinda got one invite..

But her EX Reggie Bush Got Married to kim's lookalike Lilit and Brody and girlfriend were among the guests. As a matter of fact Brody is credited to have posted the  very first photo from the Ceremony held yesterday.

Reggie and Kim dated for years and was close to some of her Family members especially brody who dint severe ties even after the breakup with Kim. The similarities between their Unions has been mentioned severally in the media including the fact that even their daughters Briseis and North actually do look like

More photos from the Nupitals when you continue..

Reggie Bush's wedding


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