Wednesday 16 July 2014

Eva Alordiah the Industry's most passed around female artist?? The TRUE INSIDE GIST!!

So there has been a story making the rounds about Eva Alordiah being the most passed around female artist or the most slept with artist or so I am not going to post any links as  the story is all over the blogsphere..

But I just received an email from an anonymous Industry insider who thinks the story is totally false and wants you guys to know the real gist about Eva and if indeed she is the most passed around artist like they say..


"I work with one of the A-list artists, have been doing so for 3 years now and I've also been into booking artists for more than that. I've been in the midst of countless gist with industry people where Eva's name and that of other female artists have been passed around and I have met Eva several times. Plenty plenty things have been said about Eva o! The gist is always about how she stubborn like goat and how guys for like f**k am but NOT how she has slept around. The girl get her own madness and attitude at times but this sleeping around gist na lie. The thing with Ice Prince is a true story tho and happened years ago (before Oleku sef and this is confirmed from Ice's camp). They used to date and they used to argue a lot na why them break up but like I said this was 4/5 years ago and she hadn't even dropped her first single yet. 

It's part of the reason why she stopped being so close to the Loopy crew. The only other person wey gist don go round with Eva na her former manager wey them publicly fight for twitter. And they were going out before the guy decided to work with her. But does having 2 relationships, one 4 years ago and another like 2 years ago make u a slut? 

More when you continue..

Apart from Ice, i've never heard another artist or industry person (promoter,video director,etc) talk about having anything with her even when men dey talk about the industry babes they've knacked. E get one time wey person corner Patrick Elis for my presence ask am but the guy talk say they're just close paddies and na friendzone e dey o, but if opportunity happen, e go chook head. Lol. The gist is always about how she can flirt with you, but na there e go end. If I dey lie, ask Boogey.

As for the ELDee gist, that one na big lie. She was still dating her ex that time sef. The reason Eva left Trybe is because like I talk before, the girl just stubborn! I remember when person for trybe dey tell me how Eva's contract was the most edited contract cos they kept on going back and forth on it. She was the first to leave Trybe and see insults wey people insult am. But just one year later, Sarz, K9, Aramide have also left so I guess she was right to leave especially when it took Trybe a full year to shoot a below par video for their only hit (Kokoma). 

Would be unfair for her to suffer innocently. This industry no easy especially for babes. Not a fan cos I'm not a hiphop person but U never know maybe one endorsement wan enter and na this gist wey go spoil am. She's not A-list yet but be like she don dey get sense cos she don calm down of late. Eva of old would have raised hell with the whole "most slept with" gist but she ignore am. Of which, I would take anything said by a City People promoter with a pinch of salt. Of all the City people awards and shows I've gone for, I never see the babe there and those in the industry know that a city people promoter doesn't have mouth at all. 

If true true, she dey knack we for don know since and we'll be seeing her around a lot more. This was just someone looking for mischief and probably to spoil her name cos they said a lot of females are doing it but it's only one person's name that was mentioned. If anyone's desperate for fame to the point of sleeping around, it's definitely not Eva. The babe just does her own and doesn't send anybody and u can tell from her music. I wish her well."

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