Monday 26 May 2014

TVC's "Your View" presenter Morayo Afolabi Brown welcomes set of twins..

I havent been so happy for someone I only see on the telly..Morayo just has this very lovely aura and she always made me look forward to the next episode..

She recently went on leave and it was announced that she birthed her twins today!

Morayo presents the early morning Programme  YourView on TVC  dealing with issues ranging from politics,Women advancement marriage,celebrity focus,and lots more..

She is assited by a panel of six other ladies..Yeni Kuti,Olajumoke Alawode James,Tope Mark Odige,Sandra Eze,Uwa Saleh,and Nyma..

Big Congratulations to Morayo her little girl now has twins to babysit lol..

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