Wednesday 7 May 2014

About 13 yearold Willow Smith's photo in bed with 20 year old actor Moises Arias

Controversial: Willow Smith, 13, has raised eyebrows as she is pictured with 20-year-old Moises Arias in a new Instagram snap

So these photos have been causing alot of outrage on the internet and online portals,Moises of the famed Hanna Montana pictured in bed with Willow who is only 13!

Even though it might just be pals hanging out and chilling.. but ermmm the setting is quite suggestive and adult ish...

Well reports even indicate that parents Jada and Will Smith do not really see anything wrong with the snap of these two..I think both Willow and Jayden have just been allowed or made to grown up so fast and this time I do not mean in a positive way,.at 13 this girl doesnt even act like a child anymore..

I guess she has been allowed to whip her hair too much lol.. what do you think of this snap suggestive?? or not??

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