Monday 12 May 2014

OMG!!! Solange Knowles Physically assaults JayZ!!(FULLVIDEO)

Even the body guard got some blood on his lips ..look upwards yet Beyonce is still smiling

So It was at the Met Gala that held last week,we all only saw all the beautiful photos not the row in the elevator between brother and sister in law..

Somebody got pissed!  I mean Solange went all crazy!!!and somebody got beat!.
The Images Kinda say it all JayZ is so stunned he still cannot fathom what just happened but that smirk on Beyonce's face I dont get?? she just let the things happen! whatever caused this must have really been something very major..

Check out the video when you continue..

And then they head out JayZ still very confused goes towards another vehicle while beyonce and sister Solange head home in the same car..

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