Monday 27 July 2015

So what happens Now that Big Brother Africa 2015 has been cancelled?!

Mnet Africa's reality show Big Briother Africa for this year has been cancelled.the show which has versions in other countries like the UK and US has been pulled this year due to a supposed lack of funds and sponsors.

 Manager of Multi Choice Ghana, Anne Sackey in an interview explained that MNETdid not give them any reasons as to why they will not be doing Big Brother this year, but then, she personally thinks it’s due to sponsorship constraints. In her words: “They didn’t give us any reason though, but I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up”.

Anne Sackey thinks that since the organizers don’t have a constant annual headline sponsor (s) for the show, it becomes difficult sometimes to get sponsors. “They don’t have fix sponsors on the show. Every year the sponsor changes, sometimes it’s Coca­Cola, sometimes MTN .

Whew! so what is Mnet going to do to fix up those three months of viewing time for viewers,maybe some new programmes,soaps or the likes but really Big Brother Africa I think has overstayed its welcome or maybe it needs a revamp,I have watched the UK version for years and it doesnt even have as much nudity as the African version! 

There is no shower hour,the showers are covered with frosted glass and sexual activity censored but the African version became a free for all so I guess our conservative nature couldnt take it for long. I suggest they revamp it,tone down the nudity and then maybe sponsors will get back on board and they can  come back bigger.

So whats going to be filling your big brother viewing schedule this year? 

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