Friday 1 March 2013

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift?? are you kidding me??

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

Its only been a bit  that Taylor split from One Direction beau Harry Styles but reports are that the pair are now seeing each other after the Brit awards and the incidence of a recent  rendezvous/sleepover at a London hotel.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift says Ed Sheeran is "one of my favorite human beings on the planet."

Taylor and ED are said to have dated briefly last year and he even got a tattoo to commemorate her album RED. British Star ED is also pals with Taylor's Ex Harry Styles..

Dedication: Last year Ed unveiled a tattoo saying RED in homage to Taylor's album of that name

 Taylor Would we be hearing a song soon for ED ?? 

p.s :The Song "I knew you were trouble" is said to have been penned after split with Harry Stlyes..

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