Saturday 23 March 2013

The Legend That is, Chinua Achebe passes on..

Chinua Achebe passes on

Chinua Achebe passes on

One of the greatest Novelists,poet, Author,Professor,critic could go on and on Professor Chinua Achebe has gone to a new place.

 I remember Things fall apart always made reference to as one of his most popular works and reputed to be one of the most read literature in Africa and out of Africa

I once watched the movie adaptation and it was quite intriguing and reeked intelligence which you had to have yourself to fully understand the depth of the writer himself.

Achebe was an upright man who stood for what was right despite all circumstances an instance of even refusing a national Award to show his distaste and disapproval of some of the policies of the Nigerian Government.

Chinua Achebe was an Icon in all respects in Africa and Across the world with most of his books gaining recognition and world Acclaim and even teaching in some of the best schools in the world we can only say we have lost an Icon whom we should however celebrate  because he made a positive Impact in Nigeria,Africa and the world at large.

Other Notable work by Chinua Achebe include "Anthills of the Savannah","No Longer at Ease" and "Arrow of GOD" 

The Legendary Poet passed away march 21 he was 82 years old. May His soul rest in peace.

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