Friday 29 March 2013

My Nigerian Idol 2013 Viewing Experience..

The other day I was wondering where to watch Nigerian Idol since HITV seemed to mess things up and packed up or went away or something.

First they were repeating all the programmes like seriously there was a particular Nigerian(Yoruba film) they showed like 200 times! no exaggeration here.. and then they went off like just like that.. seriously HITV ?? just like that.??

Anyways not to digress, I saw some episodes of Nigerian Idol season three online and I wanted to watch on the Telly(I mean I already spend too much time online) so I was so happy when I checked my sky programme guide and saw that Nigerian Idol was showing on "the African Channel 209" ( you people had better pay me my money for that advert lol)

Then I recorded it to watch later and and then I settled down with some Digestive and Vimto lol..( I love Vimto) 

I realised i had missed alot as they were already into the top 6 whew! was wondering how a recurring applicant like GODwin Onoja was no longer in the competition my research indicated he dint even advance to the top 10 really??

Well back to the episode,Darey was the guest judge and contestants were to sing two songs one from Luther Van dross and from Nigerian Hilife as well.

For starters, they actually sang most of the unpopular Luther songs I mean there are other ones na..

Well i have summarised key Points from my viewing experience below(Disclaimer these are just my views on 2 or 3 episodes)

  • Yinka Davies can give Oshodi Agbero's a run for their money
Seriously Aunty Yinka can you stop shouting already!!! You are there to critic and judge these young un's,they want to hear advise on how to be better how to succeed not just "You did it!!!" or "Cmon on!!" tone it down ma'am..

More when you continue..

  • The Nigerian Idol Studio is  Kinda a mini roasting building
Everybody was virtually sweating shitloads of "salty water" ohhh sorry i meant sweating sweat with plenty sweaty foreheads dripping buckets of sweat off the sweaty foreheads errrmm sorry pardon my play upon words hehehe..everybody was fanning and pulling off sweat biko help them ohhh abeg Nigerian Idol wetin happen to una studio abi na the AC lol..
  • Uncle Femi Kuti is the most truthful
Femi Kuti on the panel I believe has brought some more credibility and he does actually give the contestants some good truthful advice blunt  at times but hey the truth is good for you!

  • The Tangerine band is Kinda Shite*
Nigerian Idol really needs to do something about this band,either overhaul the entire band or find the bad guys on there like really the back up singers sing offkey,dont know what harmonization is,they actually put the singers in trouble playing something completely different sometimes(see i said sometimes),an example when safeeyat was singing "omo mi seunrere" they were playing something entirely different from what I have ever heard.Gosh!! it was freaking painful to the ears poor safeeyat they ruined her performance and the girl was in the bottom of the votes in the results show,thank GOD for the Judges who saved her .(Please vote for safeeyat i like her she kinda reminds me of me ermmm i mean she reminds me of my singing self errm yes I kinda sing...)

  • It is Kinda good to wear shades in the studio and enclosed places
Yes It is really good for your health to wear shades in your living room,bedroom and even your loo.(Insert sarcastic smiley)

Serioulsy Darey and jeffery thot it was good to wear shades in the studio where you are to speak with people and relate to them?? even during performance darey still wore shade huh ok  na too much light for studio abi ..ehen me sef I  see am so..
  • Debbie Rise is Kinda Overrated
Babe can perform but cannot really sing like that,yea she is creative but other performers with a lot of vocal ability and performance ability as well but judges keep saying like she's one beyonce abegii.

My faves are Moses,Abasiakan,Safeeyat ermmm Jayfeel is somewhere in there too but  sorry Debbie not a fan.
  • The Costumier Kinda Hates Safeeyat
What is with all those big mighty gowns and  mama dresses biko the babe is beautiful and big people shouldn't be subjected to dress like they are doomed please big people can look trendy and nice too.. please costume designer take note! as in take note hen!!!(Pulling my ears u hear me!) lol!

Hopefully I can keep up with the rest of the series Online..but for now I just served you my experience  (Hope you found the humour in the truth and the truth in the humour hen hen..)

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