Monday 4 March 2013

Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized..

No fuss: Queen Elizabeth, pictured at her last public engagement before her illness, was taken to hospital on Sunday

The Queen has reportedly been Hospitalized due suspected gastroenteritis  likely caused by Vomiting bug or norovirus.

Well wisher: Prime Minister David Cameron also took to Twitter to wish the Queen a speedy recovery

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  1. Queen, abeg never die ooo.... Bcos, I go still date u... If not for anything, but for the Green Pali

  2. I wish her a quick recovery. She is old sha o. Others are patiently waiting to enjoy the Title too.

  3. @Jabz she is now ok ohhh so feel free to send her ur love applications lol!

    @Aunty Eya mama no wan gree at al at all ohhh she no know say people dey wait..


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