Wednesday 6 March 2013

DKM "D' Kings Men" more like "Don't Kill Me".


So i have just stumbled on this article  by Jaiyeola Ladipo written on something about Dbanj or is it about Dbanj?? lol.. I'd let you read..

Excerpts below

"I haven't blogged in two years,welcome back whoohoooo....but letting this one go is too hard. First it was D'banj fighting his heat maker,i ignored it because I thought it was for a good cause; which would have been to elevate Nigerian music to a higher plateau. In which he did with Oliver twist which is a regular in the UK club scene, White, Black, Blue and Green -all have "a confession", and are "lebete-ing" all over the UK. It even appeared on an episode of "The valleys" the wales version of jersey shore, Eastenders (the never-ending soap opera) and in a Barcardi TV commercial, it debuted at number nine on the UK Singles Chart eventually reached number 2, all big achievements. Now to my overloaded and ready-to-explode bucket, why did D'banj appear in Kanye West's mercy video as Chris karma aka Birdman (incase you don't know him - reference the Miami Heat Harlem shake video), Disastrous!!! Why did he top his mockery with his ahhh uhhh vocals on the song "The morning" on Kanye West's Cruel Summer album featuring Raekwon, Pusha T, Common, 2 Chainz, Cyhi the Prynce, Kid Cudi in which they all at least had a verse.

I still haven't met anyone who can explain the songs "bachelor" and "oyato" to me, it sounds like a big cat scratching its nails on the wall, obviously this post Don Jazzy thing isn't working. Forget the songs for moment, what about the nauseating concert he held in Nigeria recently when he barked and screamed endlessly (even Big Sean gave him the side eye). When will Nigerian artists learn how to perform??? How hard is rehearsing, getting a drummer, a guitarist and a pianist? Didn't they see Beyonce's Super Bowl performance or Alicia Keys' NBA allstar performance? Aren't they all performing artistes? Even Tinie Tempah at the same D'banj concert, tore that sh** up. The same noise they have been making since 2004 when they started still hasn't change one bit, I thought artist grow not fall. 

The nations cup final performance another disaster. Now the most amusing disaster of all is the album cover of DKM that looks like a cheaper version of watch the throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West. He even yanked the concept by making it a collaborative album with Jsol and Kayswitch and finally the blatant reference to 'Thrones' - which he changed to 'kings' for his. Where is Kanye though? Is he signing off on this? 
You see, back in the day, African artists would copy the work of the westerners and bring it home and everyone would be bewildered and applaud but now, in 2013, "ati ja si", it's such a digital world now, even for people who haven't stepped out of Africa, the internet and social media keeps everyone well informed. Not just that, 'Watch the Throne' was one of the biggest albums last year (3 Grammys) so how in the world did Dapo Oyebanjo think he would get away with this? 

Must you copy? and what happened to the album IDJA that was suppose to have Oliver twist,Scapegoat,and Mr endowed - Maybe that fell through when their partnership broke up and shouldn't they be the bonus tracks on this album not the main tracks as they're recycled? and we already know that Scape Goat (the fix) features Kanye west, it's been leaked. Now a 20 track album??? what is this an MP3 cd? or is he trying to pull off a Michael Jackson HISTORY double LP-type cd? I hope his "fans" cd player's skip button is still functional. 

All I see with the track listing and the snippet are album fillers, not one promoted single,are you Eminem? p.s "top of the world" is not buzzing. Conclusion, fans patience is running out,and every chance we give these artists, they screw it up with their greedy money making intentions of selling ridiculous one million Naira tables, only to come and hear them shout their unrehearsed nonsense, take our money and do it all over again. Rather than doing what is good for Nigerian music.

Sidebar: Iyanya is also selling million Naira tables for his concert. Ridic! Who is he?"

What are your thoughts people?? Do you quite agree with the Writer's view??


  1. Lool @ iyanya! Tho he had a good concert!! Dbanj is getting his deals quite well but his music is becoming uninteresting..

  2. @Jumai ur so right Dbanj is virtually watering away..he needs to do something to revamp his band.
    Thanks for stopping by ma'am..Bless!


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