Monday 31 December 2012

Is Gina Rio Britain's Most Spoiled Girl??

Spolit: Gina poses with her various shopping bags at the Savoy hotel where she is staying while her house is refurbished

Gina, seen here posing with some of her many pairs of designer shoes at the Savoy, admits she sees her parents generosity as proof of their love for her

Gina Rio receives £10,000 a month in allowances(used to be £20,000)

Lives at the Savoy Hotel while her 5 bed house is being refurbished(house has swimming pool jacuzzi, home cinema and several other luxury gadgets)

Spends £1000 on taxis,£600 on her hair every month and has never used public transport(Like seriously gina you have never used the tube,stood in the bus??lol)plus she only drinks crystals spending almost £25,000 on some night outs chai!! 

Daily Mail reports that Gina has over 300 pairs of designer shoes, 70 designer bags with an Hermes one costing over £20,000!

Babe also owns a Mercedes SLK Convertible in the ranges of £30,000..
Funny bit is she was only impressed with her boyfriend when she learnt his father produces a sauce sold @harrods and she discovered his family has loads of money.

She says she can never date anyone poor!

Living the high life: Gina, 23, has been lavished with money and luxury gifts since the day she was born

Competition: 'When I found out that my dad bought his mistress a Hermes handbag, I wanted to have one that was bigger and better'

gina rio BIg Brother housemate


Growing up Gina had an allowance of £20,000 a month and was bought thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes, she now owns over 300 pairs of designer shoes

'I have no concept of money': Gina poses with her different bags at the Savoy hotel

Gina Rio poses outside the Savoy Hotel in London

Gina Rio applies her make up at the Savoy hotel in London,

Gina Rio most spoilt british girl



  1. But that weave looks atrocious.....

  2. Dear that weave has seen better days i really dont do weaves but i see really nice ones on people and i look in admiration burr dis chic's own proper tacky!.

  3. I said that lol she spends all that money and looks like she glues in a£25 weave in lol


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