Sunday 23 November 2014

So Anna Banner is Totally Obsessed with Flavour! Says Prayers for his birthday..

I really do not understand why we women sometimes set ourselves up for a brutal heartbreak..

Anna is a beautiful girl I mean Hello! she won most beautiful girl in Nigeria! but she seems to be okay to compete for a man's love..

Today is Flavour's birthday,Happy Birthday to you ! and Anna seems to have stayed up to wish him first.. see all her message below..

Nothing wrong in setting alarm to wish your man and all that but I have read this piece about twice and it totally seems like a mum praying for her son..."we give thanks for the child" the birth of your child Jesus" "Watch over your child" Prayers and prayers and prayers..

Sadly Flavour has never acknowledged her in any form whatsover,I mean he hasnt even acknowledged a child by another lady who also seems to believe she is still flavour's main squeeze..
A certain Lady also tackled Anna on Instagram recently saying Flavour wrote a certain song for her...Hmmmm is Flavour that hot and spicy?!

Well have a look...

Flavour is however not even thinking of settling down anytime soon,he doesnt even like talking about being a "Father"  or having a child out of wedlock..why you may ask... well here's what he said in  recent interview..

I don’t like to talk about being a father but I don’t have any plans for marriage right now and it is because my career is very demanding. I would always want to spend time with my family and it is not something I can do now because I am all over the place. I was raised in the proper way with my parents always watching over me and I want to do the same to my family. For now, I don’t want to get married.”

Hmmmmmm... Good luck to all the beautiful Ladies in Flavour's tasty Garden..letting the love go round! lol..

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