Wednesday 5 November 2014

So Beyonce is being accused of drug use,possession and tweaking all because of this video!

Casual: She teamed her new short locks with natural makeup on her impeccable skin and a slip of pink lipstick
Bey kinda looks distant in this photo tho..

So y'all just be making Beyonce  extra Famous for simply nothing! she's so gonna be topping Forbes many more times with all this free publicity..
 So here's the thing Bey was with JayZ at a recent NETS game and they seemed to have a good time..

And then a footage surfaced of Beyonce at the said event suffering from what seems to be an influence of drugs or alcohol 

She reportedly had an "animated" conversation with hubby Jayz and then began to swing back and forth..and then began humming a tune.. 

Reports even say maybe she was possesed or under a spell or in trance haba! too many assumptions..

All am saying is Beyonce is a singer,an entertainer she might just have gotten inspiration for a new song right there.. and was probably just humming the melody to herself y'all go chill jare!

Check out the video below..

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