Wednesday 19 November 2014

One of the richest Monarchs in the world!;Obateru Akinruntan celebrates 5th Year Coronation Anniversary;Photos this way!

The "OLUGBO OF UGBO LAND" Oba Obateru sits atop lots of firms includng the very popular OBAT oil.

He is so wealthy that he was recently voted by Forbes to be the richest Monarch in Africa!and he is from my state ohhh... Oya time to Famz..

Errmmmmm Ondo Egin, Kabeyesi..E..Kade pe lori ki bata pe lese ,Aseyi samodun errrrr....... sorry Kabeyesi me ti gbele rara megbede! lol..

Check out more photos from his 5th year coronation Anniversary when you continue..

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