Sunday 23 November 2014

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson stuns in new photos..

‘One day, I might actually have to go out with my DIY turban still on. As Liz Taylor knew, a turban – plus some sparkle, even if these aren’t real diamonds – is a look. But maybe you have to be her to pull it off’. DRESSING GOWN, For Every Minute. EARRINGS, John Lewis

Nigella is one of the TV chefs I also watch..I still wonder that her trademark going to open the fridge at night for leftovers ish is I guess thats her own signature..

Nigella had it tough last year falling out with her husband,her staff and all that court drama that followed the choking incident at a restaurant.

Well all that's behind now! Nigella recently starred in a shoot for a Christmas recipe pull out spread I think she really looks beautiful..

more when you continue..

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